What Happens If You Don’t Get a Jail Sentence

If you commit a crime and do not receive jail or prison time as punishment for your actions, the court often decides on alternative forms of service to make sure that you are rehabilitated and ready to integrate back into society.

Community Service

If you do not have to go to jail or prison, community service is often something courts will assign in exchange for a sentence. Usually community service involves picking up trash under a local overpass or volunteering in some other way to help the citizens of the community. The judge or court official will designated a set number of hours you must complete, and your supervisor can sign off on your hours if you did an adequate job during your assigned volunteer time.

Court Ordered Classes

There are many types of court ordered classes which are usually a mandatory part of your punishment in exchange for staying out of jail. For example, people who have a history of violence may have to take anger management classes. There are also courses designed specifically for offenders with substance abuse issues or trouble with making good decisions when faced with difficult situations. The number of courses you will take depends on the severity of your crime and what the judge thinks you need.

Court Ordered Therapy

Court ordered therapy, also known as mandated treatment, is when a judge orders a set number of sessions or a specified span of time for you to attend therapy with a mental health professional. This type of punishment can apply to many offenders, including those with previously known mental health problems or drug or alcohol abuse. Once you have completed the required therapy, your therapist will usually have to sign a form stating you completed treatment for the court.

Although it can be confusing to consider your options if you are not sentenced to jail or prison, there are still alternatives that can satisfy the punishment for your crime.

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