Anxiety during pregnancy: 5 factors that produce it

Anxiety during pregnancy-Motherhood is one of the most precious gifts of life. Although the reward of waiting for the nine months is truly unique. The pregnancy process can also be stressful. This stage for many women is quite painful and difficult. Some future mothers are burdened by bad vibrations that produce anxiety during pregnancy. And are not good for the baby.

The control of anxiety

the anxiety during pregnancy

Although it is true that the first weeks are surely full of happiness. The coming months can be quite complicated. It is quite usual for mothers to be filled. With anxiety and fear halfway. It is a sense of undefined danger that leads to a state of physical and mental tension.

It is normal for mothers who give birth for the first time feel more anxiety during pregnancy than those experienced. That does not mean that those who have already gone through the experience have overcome this stage of nervousness and restlessness. It can also happen to those who have already had several children.

5 causes of anxiety during pregnancy

Hormonal changes

a anxiety during pregnancy

The changes in the pregnant woman are quite evident. In your body there is an internal biological change and an external physical change. These symptoms, the product of pregnancy, can completely change the mood and mentality of the mother. All this, in the end, leads to a series of psychological events that can lead to mental anxiety during pregnancy and restlessness.

When it’s the first time, women do not know how to behave in the face of the obvious and pronounced change in their bellies. The appearance for women is something important and such a change breaks with their visual aesthetics. Transformations during pregnancy make future mothers feel strange, uncomfortable and unhappy.

Pregnancy not only affects them physically. There is also a very important internal biological change . During this period. Women suffer great emotional instability, a product of the imbalance of body and hormonal balance. All this leads to the woman readjusting her whole life to be able to readjust. This process can be somewhat complicated.

Fear of the moment of birth

Childbirth is undoubtedly  the stage that generates more anxiety during pregnancy for the mother. Women tend to be very fragile psychologically in this period. They are invaded by the uncertainty of knowing. If their baby will be born healthy. Or if they will have complications in childbirth. They are afraid that they are born prematurely or that something unforeseen could happen that they did not have.

The future

top anxiety during pregnancy

It is inevitable for women to think about the future when they are pregnant. One of the things that generates more anxiety during pregnancy is to know what your life will be like after delivery. And after the birth of the baby . Many times, the cause of this is the financial situation in which the family finds itself. And the concern to know how they will face this problem in the future.

Get away from your normal life

As much as many try, when you are pregnant you have to give up certain activities or jobs . Getting away from their daily routine. And their routine work can cause stress and anxiety. However, it is necessary to know that it is important not to force things. And really get away from the bustle of everyday life. It is vital for the health of the baby and the mother to take special care during these months.

Nausea and malaise

discover anxiety during pregnancy

Feeling sick and having nausea  can be synonymous with anxiety during pregnancy. Not because of feeling bad. But because of not knowing how to control them or how to deal with those episodes. Not knowing what to do causes a lot of stress and anxiety during pregnancy in women.

For all these reasons. It is always good for the mother to be 100% relaxed. Doing soft exercises without forcing yourself too much will be very helpful. It is also recommended that you try meditation and yoga.  And talk with other people to let off steam and share your emotions and feelings.

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