How to Be Always Motivated? 6 Keys That Must Follow for Happy Life

There is something that happens to me with some frequency. Someone comes up and asks me how to be motivated. He tells me that he feels apathetic, sad, dull, and unmotivated.

How to be always motivated? My answer is always the same: stop doing the things you don’t have to do and start doing the things you do. I think nothing specific can be done to be motivated. I don’t believe in listening to a music list, having a coffee, or attending a motivational conference.

How to be always motivated?

The real motivation, the desire to eat life with spoonfuls is the natural consequence of being what we are and doing what we have to do. As simple as this.

I think every person – you too – know at the bottom of his soul what he is and what he has to do and the natural consequence of being truly what we are and doing what we have to do is to be full of life. Demotivation is an indicator that informs us that we are not where we have to be or doing what we have to do.

And what is that place? It is the place where we can serve more and better others with the skills that life has given us.

It is possible that today you may not be in that place, but if there is something that I have been able to verify, it is that people who begin to walk towards that site felt naturally motivated from the moment they begin to walk and that this It is not related to the goal but to know oneself on the right path.

These are the 6 keys to being motivated:

how to be always motivated

1- Do what you have to do

Being motivated is the natural consequence of working every day on our purpose. If your current situation does not allow it, try to spend some time each day for this purpose, and you will see how you feel motivated again. Everyone, no matter how bad their situation, can find a time each day, however small, to walk to a new place in their life. Put yourself when you can serve others more and better with whom you truly are. When you do the motivation will inevitably come. Do more and more what you have to do and less and less what you don’t have to do.

2- Stop liking everyone

Be authentic. Respect your being. Be the person you truly are. Being authentic with yourself should not offend anyone. No person except you knows what is best for your life, so when you feel something, act accordingly. It is much easier to prevent problems than to solve them, and the best way to solve them is to stop doing things by falling and achieve acceptance and start doing them to be the best version of yourself.

3- Be aware of your finitude

Knowing that our time on this planet is limited leads us directly to feel more alive. Isn’t it true that when you know something is going to the end, you enjoy it more? Knowing that we are here in passing – very much in fact – leads us to be more motivated. It seems to me very exotic that someone was not motivated to enjoy this free buffet that is life.

4- Adopt the habit of doing 3 things every day

The first is to do something that makes you very excited, something you like. Find what you like and do it is key to being motivated. The second is to do something that is very important and strategic in your professional career. A task that will truly make a difference. One day is enough. The third is something with or for your loved ones. I can hardly imagine one day with these three actions in which I feel unmotivated.

5- Do not complain, do not criticize, do not envy

Last week we presented our students of the Master of Entrepreneurs a game … If suddenly someone could assure you they can grant you absolutely everything you want in life on any plane and that for that I would only ask you to sign a contract in that you promised not to complain, not to criticize and not to envy even once or a single day of your life … Would you do it?

Any person who does not complain, does not criticize and does not envy will live every moment in full abundance and, therefore, will be motivated. Not complaining does not mean that you do not work to improve what you want in your life. Not criticizing does not mean that there are not things you like and things you don’t; it means that you dedicate the energy you used to criticize other people for improving yourself. Not to envy means that you are happy for the good things that life gives to other people and this will soon appreciate more the good that it gives you.

6- Take care of yourself physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually

Being full of energy allows us to be more motivated. Every day put the focus on taking care of your body, your mind, your emotions, and your spiritual life. Being motivated will be the natural consequence of doing the above every day.

Roger Walker

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