Our spines are what enable us to stand up and to move around. They also help to protect our spinal cords that send impulses and signals to our brains and then back around our bodies to our organs and our muscles. It is extremely important that we take care of […]

More than one in four people will experience anxiety at some point in their lives, and the recent pandemic has brought about new anxiety issues for many people. It is for this reason that businesses are looking at ways in which they can ensure that their staff undertake Mental Health […]

In the event of a wound that is bleeding, the first step in dealing with the problem is removing any visible objects from the wound. The object can be anything, including a dirty object or rusty metal. After removing any visible objects, clean the area as best as possible with […]

There are many famous people in the field of medicine. Hippocrates, for example, is considered the “Father of Western Medicine”. The ancient Greek physician also created a library of medical knowledge on the island of Kos. The Hippocratic oath, which requires a physician to treat every patient with kindness, was […]

Most people have heard of Marie Curie, even if it is through the charitable organisation that has been set up with her name. Her studies and work have had an impact on patients’ lives across the world, as well as on the doctors, nurses and carers that work in Care […]

In the UK, the family courts determine child custody. Custody is usually awarded to the parent who is most likely to provide the child with a stable, nurturing environment. The judge considers several factors, including the child’s emotional and physical well-being and the parent’s lifestyle. If you have a religious […]

One of the most unlikely medical treatments that has really taken off in the last couple of decades is Botox. Best known for its ability to reduce wrinkles and the signs of ageing, it is now something that many people use to rejuvenate themselves at places like this Botox treatments […]