Reasons Why Men Feel Embarrassed About Baldness

Baldness has long been a source of embarrassment among men. According to Gershen Kaufman, a psychotherapist, deep shame is a reaction to the feeling of inferiority. Most men perceive themselves as masculine and attractive, and baldness is an ambiguous marker of masculinity. It is important to acknowledge this shame and find ways to overcome it. In this article, we’ll discuss some common causes of baldness and some solutions to alleviate these problems.

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A common fear of men with baldness is the loss of their physical attractiveness. According to one study, men tend to seek their sense of self-esteem by improving their appearance. In addition, representations of physical perfection in the media lead men to try to achieve this. As a result, losing their hair will affect their confidence and self-esteem, and can cause significant emotional and psychological consequences.

There could be good reasons not to invest in hairpieces and wigs. Not only are these out of fashion but are very difficult to perfect. A poorly fitted hairpiece or a wig in the wrong colour can stand out like a sore thumb! The fashion for men experiencing baldness is to shave their heads. Examples can be seen in many male celebrities who have decided to embrace their hair loss. A shaved head can draw attention to hair loss, however, a shaved head is seen as more dominant, masculine and attractive. For those who want the look of a shaved head, consider Scalp Micropigmentation Halesowen by visiting

The shame and stigma surrounding baldness is not a new phenomenon. There are stories in the bible of someone being mocked for losing their hair. Apparently, Julius Caesar tried all manner of potions and concoctions to grow his thinning hair back. The Vikings, Ancient Greeks and Egyptians all had recipes for weird and wonderful things to stimulate hair growth.

Male pattern baldness is the result of genetics and a body’s response to testosterone levels. It is far more common in white men, with as many as 80% over the age of 70 being affected. One of the reasons for the stigma around hair loss and how it affects men’s self esteem is that it symbolises ageing for many people.

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For most, shaving and scalp micropigmentation is sufficient to accept the way they look and boost their confidence. This look is one that will suit most men.


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