What structures make up our spines?

Our spines are what enable us to stand up and to move around. They also help to protect our spinal cords that send impulses and signals to our brains and then back around our bodies to our organs and our muscles. It is extremely important that we take care of our backs, and using chairs from an Office Chairs Gloucester company such as bizstationery.co.uk/furniture/office-chairs/ is a great way to protect your back during the day.

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The spine is made up of 24 bones that are known as vertebrae. These vertebrae are stacked one on top of another with cushion-like discs in between them. These discs act as a shock absorber for the spine and also help to prevent the vertebra from rubbing against one another and becoming damaged. Bones called facet joints are attached to each vertebra to allow them to move just like any other joint in the body.

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In order for our spinal cord to be encased in the spine, there is a small hole inside each of the vertebra. This tube-like structure allows the spinal cord and all its related nerve roots to be safely protected inside the bones.

There are three main sections of the spine. The cervical spine which is the upper most part of the spine and occurs in the neck area. The thoracic spine is the middle section, and the lumbar spine is the base section.

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