How To Quit Work

It is difficult to foresee everything in life, and no matter how things are at your current workplace, knowing how to quit work correctly will not be superfluous. You will learn how to quit your job in various situations (of your own will, by agreement of the parties, how profitable to quit, how to do it without scandals, etc.).

How to decide to quit your job

Deciding to quit work is a difficult step, no matter how problematic the current place of work. To make it easier for you to make such a decision, you can do the following:

  • Try the old proven method: write down all the advantages and, most importantly, the minutes of your current work. Sometimes you just need to see these arguments on paper – and the determination to act immediately increases.
  • Look into the future, try to imagine yourself in this enterprise in five years. Honestly answer the question: what can I achieve in five years with the current state of affairs. Submitted? Ready to spend five years living to get this picture here? If not – it’s time to change the situation right now.
  • Study the labor market. You can simply monitor the job, and you can leave a resume, go for a few interviews. Not having a fallback is difficult to leave. Even extremely problematic, but stable work may seem better than the unknown. And things are quite different when they are already waiting for you in another company.

How To Quit Work

How to quit work

So, you have decided to change jobs. It’s time to act. There are two different mechanisms for dismissal: at the request of the employee or by agreement of the parties. The procedure in each case is different, but it always begins in the same way: with the employee writing a letter of resignation. It is written in the free form and strictly by hand.

On its basis, the management issues an order for the dismissal of an employee. The date of completion of the work is also prescribed in the order.

The company must make the final payment within the last working day. Then the employee is issued and his work record.

This is a general algorithm for correctly retiring from work. In private cases, there are small subtleties.

How to resign from work on their own

“Dismissal at will” is a rather frequent formulation in statements. The key feature of this form of termination of an employment contract is the mandatory notification of management for two working weeks. These two weeks begin from the day following the day of the acceptance of the application. Be careful, as this wording allows the authorities to keep you at work without accepting your application. In such a situation, the application must be registered with the secretary. It is also permissible to send it by mail, by registered mail with notification. This gives you a documentary confirmation of the acceptance of the application by the authorities, and no one can hold you at work for longer than the deadline.

The general procedure for this dismissal is as follows:

  • Writing a statement
  • Work within two weeks (or shorter, by agreement with the supervisor)
  • A release of the order, with the date of dismissal of the employee
  • Receipt of all due payments and return to the employee of his employment record at the end of his employment


How To Quit Work

How to quickly quit your job

Sometimes a two-week “working out” becomes a stumbling block. It is especially hard if the atmosphere in the team is unfavorable. Not surprisingly, a resigning employee seeks to speed up the dismissal process as much as possible.

Fortunately, not always notorious two weeks are obligatory. By law, you are entitled to notify the management in just three days, provided that you:

  • Seasonal worker
  • Fixed-term employee
  • On probation

You also have the right to resign on the same day with:

  • retirement
  • entering university and the need to start school
  • conscription

In addition, moving, caring for a sick relative, as well as worsening your health can also cause immediate dismissal.

If your employer violates labor law, you are also entitled to resign immediately.

Does management delay salary or pay it in full? Feel free to quit work at any time.

And, of course, you can specify the terms of dismissal with the management, in case of dismissal by the so-called consent of the parties.

If none of the points mentioned above is applicable to you, and working for two weeks in a team seems unbearable, there is always the last option: take a vacation or take a sick leave. You must understand that labor law only requires you to notify management two weeks before your dismissal. The norms of some workings in the law are not prescribed.

How To Quit Work

How to quit work remotely

There are situations when there is no opportunity to appear in person for a manual to sign a dismissal. In such cases, it is permissible to retire remotely. The procedure is generally identical to the standard dismissal process, with the exception of a few points:

  • You must notarize the signature on the application.
  • The application should be sent by mail, always by registered letter with notification.
  • In response, a copy of the letter of resignation with a seal is sent to the employee by registered mail, and a note is sent to the original of the order to send the letter.
  • The workbook for distant dismissal is also sent to the employee by mail.

How profitable to quit your job

If you no longer want to continue to work at your current place, you should not delay with the dismissal. But the unnecessary haste will not do you any good either, because it is important not to forget about your own benefit.

When dismissing, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of work in each specific organization. These subtleties will help you understand how best to quit work. For example, you should not quit on the eve of the season of holidays and vacations, if you are an employee of the tourism sector because it is at this time that the highest earnings are there. Also, calculate when you will receive additional bonuses and bonuses. Wait for their receipt before dismissal.

You should not quit “to nowhere”: “idle time” will be recorded in your work record and may cause questions to potential employers.

And, of course, you should not quit if the company in which you work pays for your education. This can lead to serious fines.

How To Quit Work

How to quit work without a scandal

Finally, I would like to talk about dismissal from a purely human point of view. After all, it is important not just to quit work legally, but also to know how to do it without quarrels and scandals. Of course, in itself, dismissal is not a pleasant process. But it is important in any situation to save face and know how to adequately leave the company.

Remember, it is your boss who should be the first person in the company who will find out about your dismissal. If the rumors about this reach him through third parties, it can not do without a scandal. So do not make secrets with colleagues, and if you leave your resume on job sites, you should not indicate there your last name and current position.

If you occupy a management position, it is better to warn the authorities about your intention to leave at least one month in advance. You should have time to transfer the cases, and your management should have a replacement for you.

It will be good if you yourself offer several candidates to your place and help them in every way possible.

The last two working weeks before being fired are not a vacation, not a vacation, not a rest before a new job. These are full-fledged working days, and therefore you should not come to work later than usual or, on the contrary, leave earlier. Treat your work with the same responsibility, show yourself as a professional.

No matter how difficult life in this team may be, try to keep good memories of your colleagues and superiors. Life is unpredictable, and you may still need the help of former colleagues. In addition, your future employer can always contact your current superiors and ask for feedback about your work. Remember this, and do not slam the door before leaving.

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