How To Stop Being Late?

Being late became our chronic disease. Despite the fact that we ourselves blame ourselves for them, they annoy us and spoil relations with relatives, acquaintances, friends, colleagues, superiors and business partners.

For a start, perhaps, it is worth understanding the causes of delays from the point of view of psychology. Scientists and psychologists believe that being late is a disease and must be treated. Experts all over the world have been trying to solve this problem for several decades. They come to the general opinion that all tardiness is associated exclusively with the psychological difficulties experienced by man.

How To Stop Being Late?

The main reasons why a person is late

  1. Absorption by social internet platforms. We spend too much time, buried in the screens of computers and smartphones, checking email, “walls” of “friends”, social groups, watching the news, movies, videos, and music. Sometimes we spend more than five hours a day on the next “VK”, “Instagram”, “FB”.
  2. Fatigue or depression on the background of relationships with loved ones or colleagues.
  3. Loneliness or frustration due to communication with a specific person or people that affect a person’s decline in brain and physical activity.
  4. There are people who gather for a long time and do not want to leave the house. They need to spend more than one hour to prepare them for the exit. Often the depth of such lengthy fees is an unwillingness to leave home.
  5. All of the above reasons, according to experts, are easy to fix. But with the next deal is not easy. This is the psycho and the internal structure of man. In simpler language – character. To this point can be attributed to some obvious features that make it possible to determine the lack of punctuality in a person: nervousness, emotionality, anxiety, sharpness, a tendency to hysterics, slowness. Thus, a person with a similar character (who, I want to clarify, is laid in early childhood) just calms himself, showing these features. Not rarely does it happen that with all the features inherent in a given personality, sociopathy is accompanied by the fear of people (most often crowds)? These people prefer solitude and tranquility and a quiet comfortable place. It is not uncommon that they simply do not know how to refuse others, and then they simply cannot say that they do not want or are unable to fulfill the promise. Distraction, lack of concentration and inattention are inherent in them. Do not be surprised if this person starts to grab a lot of things at once and delay the deadlines.

How To Stop Being Late?

In this case, the best thing is to contact a time management specialist and a psychologist in order to cope with your fears, experiences and inner spiritual “wounds”, which are most likely one of the reasons for such human behavior. You do not need to forget that this is an absolutely healthy person with his own personality traits. Like many others, he has his own individualities. If this is your relative or close, then you should not push him. Try to enlist the support of friends and relatives, try to surround the person with comfort and periodically help with fees for meetings, studies or work.

How to stop being late and make people wait for you?

How To Stop Being Late?

Of course, it all starts with the fact that you yourself must understand the problem and try to start with the smallest steps to eliminate it. Therefore, the first thing to do is to start a diary and make a time plan for the day. This is the easiest way to once and for all tied up with delays. The record there all the nuances, all the meetings. Try to calculate in advance the necessary time of the road from point to point and leave in advance. If you need to leave early in the morning, then collect things in advance the night before. And pay attention not only clothes, but also a bag and jewelry. Then in the morning, you can save a lot of time. By the way, we advise you to hang a key hook next to the door. There is no doubt that due to distraction you often lose keys in the house. So here

Lack of delays is not only control over time but also the ability to control your life. This means that you need to learn to follow all aspects of your life: diet, exercise and exercise, deadlines for work or school. A plus to controlling your routine should be the ability to become the master of situations that arise in both working and personal relationships. But you should not forget about understanding and loyalty.

How To Stop Being Late?

In turn, in order to learn how to keep track of time, start wearing watches that you like. By chance, you will always look at your wrist and know how much time. Such a psychological device will help you as little as possible to arrive at the meeting place at the wrong time. In extreme cases, the clock can be moved 15-20 minutes ahead. For a period of time, you will remember this, but in the end, you just forget about such a small fact.

If you need to come to an important meeting in advance, then try to do it in advance. To just not wait, take with you an interesting book or put off an important phone call until this interval between your arrival and the arrival of your interlocutor or colleague.

But if you are constantly late for a meeting with friends, then just ask them to stop waiting for you. Having been late a couple of times and not seeing anyone on the spot, you will simply stop coming later, knowing that others value their time.

How To Stop Being Late?

Another point is too much employment. Especially in megacities, there are often people who are late for meetings due to the fact that they simply have one thing superimposed on others. And not rarely due to the lack of hours in the day you have to cross the timing plan and work, and health, and personal life. It’s not so easy for such people. And despite the fact that they are very organized personalities, nevertheless, they still come at the wrong time. In such cases, there is only one way out – to prioritize. If you have too much work, and you cannot combine it with raising children, cleaning the apartment and cooking, walking the dog, then choose what is more important. If you, nevertheless, are inclined to work, then hire specialists who will professionally take care of the rest of your concerns.

How To Stop Being Late?

There is another nuance that will help to do more things. This is an early rise. Even if you like to sleep, give preference to sleep only on separate days for rest – weekends. Remember that the earlier you wake up, the more you do things. But do not forget that you should not neglect too much sleep too, as this may adversely affect your health. So go to bed as early as possible before midnight. According to research done by scientists from twelve to one in the morning, the substance necessary for active life, melanin, is naturally produced in the human body. If you sleep in the interval of this time, you will wake up most vigorous and ready to create something new.

How To Stop Being Late?

And the last thing you can do is sit down and imagine how often your anger and let people down, being late and making them wait. You can even make a list (which will probably not be small). How many times have you been late for a train or a plane? How many important meetings have been frustrated? When you visually see all these cases on sheets of paper, you will understand how ugly you are doing. Perhaps this will help you!

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