When to see a podiatrist

A podiatrist treats and diagnoses a variety of foot disorders and injuries. A highly-qualified foot doctor is able to help you whether you have an ingrown nail, an ankle sprain, or a developing bunion.

  1. Acute Injury that Causes Pain and Swelling

You may require the services of a podiatrist if you have suffered an injury to your ankle or foot. This could be due to a twisting ankle or dropping heavy objects on your foot. You should be on the lookout for swelling and pain that may indicate a severe injury, like a fracture or tear.

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  1. Feet are tingling and numb

Diabetes and peripheral circulation issues require regular podiatric treatment by an experienced podiatrist in order to prevent the development of problems such as Charcot foot and ulcerations. For a Podiatrist Gloucester, see Pro Podiatry, a professional Podiatrist Gloucester.

  1. Issues with balance or gait

Incorrect balance can be caused by arthritis, sports injuries, deformities like hammertoes and overuse. To correct balance and posture, podiatrists use assistive devices such as splints or walking boots and custom orthotics.

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  1. Itchy skin, inflamed nails, or deformed yellow nails

Fungus can affect anyone, whether they are athletes or have simply picked it up while wearing sweaty shoes or going barefoot. The nails can also become yellow and thick. You can have your foot doctor examine you and then prescribe oral or topical medications that will clear up the nail problems and clear up the fungus. This way, you’ll be able to walk with ease and healthy skin and nails.

  1. Foot and Heel pain

Chronic foot and heel pain is an indication that you should see a podiatrist. Heel pain is usually due to Plantar Fasciitis. This condition causes the heel of your foot to become inflamed, painful and throbbing, especially after standing for long periods. Overuse of the feet, poor footwear and other factors can cause foot pain.

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