Lotus flower tattoo meaning

Among the most loved subjects in the world of tattoos, there is certainly the lotus flower, a symbol of rebirth, purity, and more. Let’s find out the meaning of this tattoo!

Together with the rose and the sunflower, the lotus flower is one of the most popular floral subjects in the world of tattoos. It owes its fame to the rich tradition that sees it as a protagonist in oriental cultures, where over the years it has become a symbol of rebirth, femininity, and many other fascinating concepts. Today we will see in detail the meaning of the lotus flower as a tattoo. Also discovering the possible variations based on the color and the chosen shape of the flower.

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The symbolism of the flower of them in various cultures

Today, this flower has become part of different cultures around the world. But it must be recognized that it owes a lot to the Eastern one and. Above all, to Buddhism. According to this philosophy of life, in fact, the eight petals of the lotus flower represent one of its fundamental principles, which is the eightfold path.

In addition, this plant grows in swamps, mud, and stagnant waters. Its roots originate in the dirt, in the “filth” of the Earth. However, the flower is not affected by this “degrading” context, on the contrary, when it blooms. It shows its beauty without contamination. Its petals and leaves are able to keep themselves clean because they are hydrophobic, i.e. They are able to retain water molecules but expel external particles. For this characterization, for Buddhists, the lotus flower is also an emblem of purity, both of the mind and of the body, of spiritual development and detachment from the material world.

We can find more or less analogous meanings in Hinduism. Hindus call this flower Padma and, according to them, it is a symbol of beauty, purity, and spiritual awakening the individual. Furthermore, it is also attributed a rich symbolism linked to femininity due to its conformation. When it blooms, in fact, it remembers the womb, seat of new life. Thus, in the Hindu culture, we find all the female deities represented sitting (recalling the act of birth) on this floral species, which becomes a symbol of birth and resurrection.

Moving towards the West, we see the lotus flower already known. And appreciated by the ancient Greeks which gives it a different meaning compared to the cultures of the East. In the Odyssey, Ulysses lands on an island north of Africa. And sends three men to seek information on the population. These, however, forget the way back to the ships because they eat lotus flowers which, according to Greek mythology, the natives ate. The effect of the petals of this aquatic plant would be precisely that of drowsiness and amnesia. Once his men have been found, Ulysses is forced to tie them aboard the ship because the three rebel and want to return to the island. All this demonstrates how the amnesia attributable to the lotus flower is something that. In reality, many would like the ability to forget the past, to start over, and, therefore, to be reborn.

The lotus flower as a tattooLotus flower tattoo meaning

As we have seen, behind the lotus flower there is a broad tradition that embraces different cultures. Therefore, choosing this subject as a tattoo can have multiple meanings, which vary from person to person. First of all, it must be said that its meaning can change depending on the form in which it is drawn. An open lotus flower symbolizes creation, while a closed one represents opportunity.

In general, many women decide to tattoo this flower on their skin following the end of a relationship. Thus making it an emblem of oblivion and rebirth. As in the case of a phoenix, here the lotus flower means overcoming the moment of pain and the desire for a new beginning.

According to some, this tattoo version of this floral species represents the distance from someone you love. It is often chosen by those who, for one reason or another. Spend a lot of time away from loved ones and from the country of origin.

Finally, according to Japanese tradition, the lotus flower as a tattoo should never be combined with another floral species. Because the first comes from water while the second from the earth and the various natural elements should not be mixed. Instead, they recommend tattooing the lotus next to the koi carp, a symbol of courage, determination, and will of mind. Together, the two would indicate the individual’s will to achieve perfection or one’s own spiritual rebirth.

Each color has a meaning

In addition to the shape, the meaning of a lotus flower tattoo can change depending on the color you prefer.

White: indicates the purity and perfection of the spirit and mind.

Pink: represents the deities, mainly due to the influence of Buddhism.

Red: a sign of all the emotions of the heart, from love to passion and compassion

Purple: this color has always been close to mystery and spirituality. As a tattoo, the purple lotus flower is represented in the bud stage, indicating the Eightfold Path, one of Buddha’s teachings.

Light blue or blue: indicates the victory of spirituality over passions and earthly attachment. It also takes on the meaning of wisdom and intelligence.

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