Wavy Nails On Hands: Causes And Treatment

When creating a perfect image, absolutely everything is important, even the smallest details, seemingly insignificant at first glance. That is why women call manicures their business card. And this is not surprising: the appearance of nails on the hands testifies not only about the state of health, but also about the ability to care for you. However, ladies often face problems that can ruin any manicure. Fingernails may grow too slowly, change color, crumble or break. One of the most serious, but less common problems is the curvature of the plates – the appearance of long transverse or longitudinal dents on their surface. To return the smoothness of the nails, you will need to understand the cause of the problem and decide on the method of treatment for wavy nails.

Wavy Nails On Hands: Causes And Treatment


Why the nail plate can be deformed?

To cure curvature and forget about a defect forever, it is important to find out exactly what factors provoke it and track the dynamics of a change in structure. It should be remembered that such deformations never occur suddenly: the relief becomes noticeable first on the thumbs, then the problem affects the rest of the nails.

Curvature in the initial stages can be determined only with tactile contact. If there is no treatment, they can already be recognized in the photo: the depth of the hollows increases, the curvature becomes impossible to hide even under a thick layer of varnish. In the most neglected situations, creases appear on the nail plates that can hurt or even bleed.

Wavy Nails On Hands: Causes And Treatment

The reason that the nails are ribbed may be:

  • Fungal infection. Such troubles are usually accompanied by itching and the appearance of yellowness on regrown nails, therefore it is simply impossible to confuse this factor with others.
  • Banal injury. In this case, only the injured plate will be affected, and the cavities on it will be much smaller than with fungal lesions.
  • Rough manipulations with a manicure (too deep cutting of the cuticle, forcing the base of the plate due to using insufficiently sharp tools)
  • Incorrectly executed technology when building (excessive thinning of the surface of the marigold due to intense polishing).
  • Systematic contact with aggressive chemicals (detergents for washing clothes or washing dishes).

Wavy Nails On Hands: Causes And Treatment

What else are ribbed nails talking about?

If a woman doesn’t do a manicure at all or seeks help from specialists who perform such manipulations flawlessly, physical injury to the plates can be completely excluded. In addition, many ladies follow all hygiene rules to avoid infection with fungus and wear protective gloves to prevent contact with aggressive chemicals used in everyday life.

In this case, wavy nails indicate global abnormalities in the body. Deformations may be due to:

  • Hormonal surges – failures faced by each girl during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause.
  • Abnormal metabolic processes inherent in the development of diabetes or anemia.
  • Diseases and tumors in the thyroid gland.
  • Diseases of the bones and joints.
  • Emotional overload, lack of sleep.

In this case, it is necessary to treat not wavy nails, but the reasons provoking their curvature. To do this, it is necessary, first of all, to turn to the therapist and ask him to refer to a series of basic tests determining the state of health. The results of the survey will determine which body systems have failed and need treatment.

Wavy Nails On Hands: Causes And Treatment

What to do if nails become wavy due to injury?

Treatment of such problems should begin with the exclusion of factors provoking them. In order not to damage the already vulnerable texture, it is better to give preference to a delicate unedged manicure performed without the use of sharp tools. The cuticle can also be adjusted with the help of a regular towel, pushing the skin back after taking a hot bath.

As long as the damaged nails grow, you can mask the defect by applying a special smoothing base and a thin layer of varnish on the plate. To the waves were less noticeable, it is recommended to give preference to dark shades without sparkles and mother of pearl.

Wavy Nails On Hands: Causes And Treatment

Treat and wavy nails help and access to all folk remedies:

  • bath of sea salt, softening and smoothing plate (2 tablespoons. 1 liter of hot water);
  • compresses based on red pepper, oils, and esters, forcing nails to grow with double strength;
  • nutritional masks containing vitamins A and E;
  • whitening lotions from freshly squeezed orange or tomato fresh juice;
  • Use a soft brush to remove dead cells around the nails.

The above means require regular (at least 1 time per week) and prolonged use. Reducing the depth of the hollows on the nails means that the treatment method was chosen correctly, but in this direction, you will have to move for a few more months, until the texture is completely smoothed.

Wavy Nails On Hands: Causes And Treatment

How to align the nail plate?

It has been proven that different people in completely identical conditions may have completely different health indicators. The reason for this is human immunity – a protective mechanism, on the state of which the body’s response to a particular stimulus depends. It is the immune system that is responsible for the risk of occurrence and the particular course of all diseases. Therefore, in order to cure wavy nails as soon as possible, it is important to regularly maintain your immunity.

To strengthen the immune system, improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails will help complete diet, including a large number of vitamins and minerals. They will help strengthen not only the nail plates but the entire bone tissue. It will not be superfluous to increase physical activity, which consists in performing simple exercises at home or doing light jogging on the street. Care should be taken to stabilize the emotional state, trying to avoid stressful situations that adversely affect the entire body.

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