9 resources of personal motivation

Personal motivation is a fundamental element in any project you undertake. Whether for studies. When you want to face and achieve your goals and objectives. Or in front of your work situation, you must have the correct attitude and aptitude. If you want to obtain success and achieve an adequate personal and professional development in the process.

How to define personal motivation?

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The motivation staff is related to the mental state required to develop an action in any appropriate manner. It is essential in any aspect of life, beyond merely educational or professional. Since your success will depend on your strength to face any challenge.

We can define two types of personal motivation, an extrinsic one, such as one based on personal admiration. Or on resources such as books, music, phrases, etc., and another  intrinsic one. Since it develops as a personal mental attitude.

Personal motivation resources

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Below we show 9 motivational resources, which can be very useful when it comes to always maintaining an appropriate attitude in front of the personal. And professional challenges that arise:

Daily Motivation: The most important resource to maintain a positive and active attitude towards your responsibilities is the daily motivation. From a consistent emotional state, an adequate personal and professional development depends.

Clear objectives: Another basic aspect of daily motivation is to keep objectives always clear. Never lose sight of your goals and make sure you can achieve them. If they are excessively ambitious, they can degenerate into frustration.

References: References are very important to achieve an adequate personal motivation. Think of standards that will serve as an example. As an exemplary person or an inspiring leader for example.

Motivating images: Another good resource that you can use to maintain your attitude to the maximum are the motivating images. Triumph photographs, beautiful and evocative places. Or anything that helps you to be positive and proactive will be excellent.

Motivating videos: A resource used by millions of people around the world is the motivating video. Talks from leaders and inspiring personalities. For example, historical speeches to raise spirits are very useful.

Books and guides: Of course, an excellent source of daily motivation is the use of books and guides. There are great experts and gurus that can help you in the search for the right attitude to face your day to day achieving a magnificent personal and professional development.

Presentations: A resource widely used by leaders to motivate their team are presentations. Well used, in the right environment, and with the right attitude, it can be a truly powerful element.

Music to motivate: It is a fantastic resource for an adequate personal motivation. Music is an excellent element to improve your mood. Find those songs capable of making you feel that you can overcome each and every one of the obstacles that come your way.

Motivational phrases: We end with a last resort, which are the motivational phrases, excellent to lift the mood.

The best labor motivation strategies

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The first thing that must be taken into account in the elaboration of a work motivation plan is that the vast majority of people do not perform a job solely for money. Since they often deposit in their work experience many expectations and desires: recognition, respect, realization personal, feeling of worth. Feeling useful and interacting with others. Raising salaries therefore is not usually an effective measure to motivate employees.  But is accompanied by another series of actions that have to do with safety at work, personal recognition. Or the work environment. Several studies have identified a series of techniques such as very effective for motivation.

Recognition: This is the set of techniques aimed at ensuring the satisfaction of the people both in the performance of their duties and achieve their own expectations and cover aspects such as:

Reward achievements at work  both economically and through recognitions and incentives such as trips, leisure activities, gifts, etc.

Facilitate the promotion: Employees must be convinced that if they try hard and work with quality. They will achieve improvements and promotions in the company.

Propose challenges:  Most people love challenges, because they are a way to prove their worth and to excel, especially. If they are accompanied by some kind of reward: congratulations, promotions, salary increase, etc.

Facilitating and promoting the constant training of  workers  involves multiple advantages: a higher quality of work is achieved, the company has more capable professionals and employees have increased their self-esteem and satisfaction.

Search for the ideal location:  Not all people are valid for all jobs but what is certain is that  we all have a certain profile that fits much better in some tasks or positions than in others. If the management of a company or the department of human resources is able to place each employee in the most appropriate place with their abilities and aptitudes, all win. The employee will be more satisfied and will give the best of himself, which will result in a better functioning of the company.

Assignment of responsibilities: The organization is vital for the tranquility and motivation of the employee. Everyone has to know what their function, objectives and how far comes their responsibility.

Promotion of occupational health and risk prevention Understood not only as an application of what the Law says about safety regulations. Or the use of protective equipment, but also as a philosophy within the organization  based on the involvement of everyone in the promotion of health and well-being in any detail: hygiene and comfort in the workplace, anti-stress measures, etc.

Promote participation Consensus should be sought in all decisions of the company. Involving employees intensely through meetings, workshops and all kinds of participatory dynamics. It is the only way to achieve worker loyalty and identification with the organization. The work forms a fundamental part of the life project of the majority of people. And for its realization they dedicate a great amount of time, effort, energy and many times also years of study and preparation.

For this reason, individuals often deposit in their work experience many expectations and desires: recognition, respect, personal fulfillment, feeling of worth, feeling useful, and interacting with others. Is responsibility of companies not to defraud their employees. And use all possible efforts and resources in their well-being and motivation. In reality it is an investment with a positive return for the organization  in the form of increased profitability and productivity.

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