Some approaches to conflict management

Within any organisation, one of the key roles of the management team is to ensure that there are no conflicts, or where there are conflicts, that these are managed efficiently. Any long-standing conflict is likely to have a direct effect on the efficiency of the organisation.

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Preliminary matters in dealing with conflict management

Ensuring that the management team are fully trained in all aspects of mental health awareness is important, with mental health champions also being a wise addition to any workforce. In order to head off any problems before they begin, consider engaging with bespoke providers that offer such training for a variety of levels such as

Approaches to conflict management

With options such as Mental Health Training Courses Newport setting out five key approaches to conflict management, it is likely that there will always be a solution available to even the harshest of conflicts.

However, should a dispute escalate, be aware that the processes followed could be subject to scrutiny by the employment tribunal. Taking early advice from ACAS could be invaluable to ensure that you don’t inadvertently create a problem for the organisation.

Other approaches to take in-house include looking at an accommodation approach where one person is viewed as a winner or a loser. This can be challenging but is necessary where there is a clear issue of an individual being bullied or harassed.

Other mechanisms which are a bit more collaborative involve looking at avoidance and a restructure of teams, or a compromise where the parties resolve matters themselves. Consider, for example, looking at creating different work schedules or patterns or even collaborating on a project to break down barriers.

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Each of these methods can be very successful and should be considered by management in dealing with conflict.

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