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Unusual hairstyles is not only the ability to imitate the ideal. Sometimes individuality is valued much more than the ability to merge with the crowd. Unusual costumes, shoes with a unique decoration, all this will allow you to become a local point of reference. This bold appearance is available to anyone who wants to be at the center of everyone’s attention. It is enough to at least build on your head something different from the everyday, and now passers-by begin to turn around after you.

Unusual hairstyles with a complex structure and additional decoration became a true trend of fashion. Almost all the designers have already moved away from triviality and have presented these works of art to the public, complementing the scandalous image of the models. Cliometric cuts, consisting of magnificent rollers, numerous braids and curls: this is an excellent option, not only for the solemn event. After all, sometimes you want to spoil yourself with something special on weekdays.

Unusual hairstyles

The stars have long dominated unusual hairstyles. Some actresses go out on the red carpet with impressive models. And this trend is not only exposed to a scandalous personality. For example, the well-known singer Lady Gaga is used to impressing the audience with her clothes. But his hair does not always pay due attention. But even the most modest girl has to dilute her daily routine with a complicated “Banana” of her hair, and she will immediately begin to attract ecstatic looks. Therefore, many famous people try to stand out from the crowd and attract the photographers.

The unusual also fall into fashion. You can see them from players, actors and singers. After all, not only long hair   They are the basis of something extravagant. With the help of special tools you can create a masterpiece even with a short chunk. And this is actively used by men with modern style. Many of them have such a variety of varieties of foams, varnishes, gels and mousses, that no fashionista would be suitable for them. But the result justifies the money spent. The attention is assured for you. The most popular unusual hairstyles for men today have a common characteristic.

A small Iroquois, created with the help of wax or gel of strong fixation, framed by hair that falls freely, is at the top of the trend. The owners of luxury manes tend to braid African tresses or create a hairstyle in the style of a forest elf, removing the front locks.

The most unusual hairstyles can be seen in hairdressing art exhibitions. There are young and experienced stylists who turn girls’ hair into something fantastic. In the course there are tricks. The hairstyles are decorated with colorful feathers, ribbons, rhinestones and even precious stones. But the most impressive models repeat contours of complex objects or silhouettes of animals. Such hairstyles always cause delight and some perplexity. How do you arrange a hairdresser to fix your hair so unusually? But it is unlikely that they will tell these secrets.

Try to become a personal stylist for you. Do not despise the experiments. Change, finally, the hair dye for a brighter and juicier shade, try something new. And you will see how the environment around you will play with new colors.

You drank vitamins, sheared exclusively on the crescent moon, a lot where your hair masks from the whole hairdressing range and your refrigerator, and here, finally, that it’s a miracle – the hair grows back! Long, luxurious, up to the waist or even the waist.

It seems that you can calm down, walk every day, simply discard the luxurious beauty acquired or the meeting in a thick braid, so as not to interfere.

But this, sooner or later, inevitably becomes boring, and one day I want to see something new in the mirror. And then go to the help of unusual hairstyles for long hair, which you can do on vacation and every day.

So there are wonderful creatures, women, who are rarely satisfied with what nature gave them at birth. And the first unusual hairstyle that can be done is to straighten curly hair or curl directly. When seen in a new image with soft strands, the “curls” often become accustomed and begin to straighten their hair every day.

The most important thing to keep in mind: do not unnecessarily get involved in this type of metamorphosis, and the recourse to ironing or regulating (no matter how advanced and super-ceramic as they are) only on special occasions, because it threatens dryness and hair loss of quality

The second option is unusual hairstyles : a variety of braids. There are innumerable types of them:

Unusual hairstyles for long hair

Spit “;”


French pork tail;

A braid of 4-5 threads;

The French spit on the contrary;

Spit around the head.

Conducting experiments with the amount and thickness of strands, with the direction of the tissue, can achieve incredible results, every day, by changing the image. A good advantage to design braids is that the next day, after weaving, you get beautiful waves and clear curls.

Maximum femininity

the Unusual hairstyles


What can be more feminine than braids? Just braids and curls together. You can braid the top of the hair in a strange construction of the braid, and the rest simply to dissolve and roll in a large diameter curling iron.

Therefore, the hair will not cover your face, but, at the same time, it will stamp beautifully. This hairstyle looks incredibly cute and festive.

Retro girl

Everyone remembers playful images of models with retro cards and calendars. Some of them were remembered not only with a big smile with red lipstick, many were distinguished by unusual bandages. This can be repeated at home.

What we need:

  • Bandage or banana in pin-up style;
  • A means to place a high degree of fixation;
  • Means for brightness;
  • A pair of invisible;
  • For fluffy yarns: ironing or molding.

As you can see, the components are simple and accessible, and all the secret of the unusual pin-up image is only in the prestidigitation.

Greek goddess

the unusual hairstyles for long hair

Continuing with the experiments with images and bandages, you can easily make an unusual hairstyle in Greek style . It will take us only a bandage suitable for color and thickness.

Advantages of the Greek style:

  • The filaments do not enter the eyes, the mouth and do not interfere;
  • It looks more festive than a normal ponytail;
  • In the summer with such a hairstyle it is not hot;
  • Magnificent appearance with dresses and skirts on the floor;
  • The hair is less dirty.


When the tail of a common horse gets upset, it can easily become an unusual one. The first way is to weave. If you divide the hair into two parts, and the upper pigtail French braid , and the rest is collected in the ponytail, it is quite unusual and interesting.

The second way is harnesses. With a simple twist, you can turn a simple tail into a real hairstyle, worthy of going to light. And finally, the third way to transform our boring tail is to scratch it. This method adds to the volume of the hair, immediately they look more lush and thick, and the face looks more spectacular.


It seems that it can be simpler than lightning? Yes, the hair collected in a package is simple, fast and convenient. But it is not always beautiful, and why hide hair that is out of control with such difficulty? If there are no other options, and you want to start the day with lightning, do not rush and pick it up as something horrible.

With the help of simple adaptations of the daily package, you can make an unusual, attractive and attractive feminine hairstyle. For example, for a volume ray there are special rolls where long laces are wound. A group with a roller like that seems clean and even festive.


How can hair be collected without braiding it? Properly, with the help of elastic bands. You can create an unusual hairstyle using bright and beautiful gums in large quantities.

Such unusual hairstyle will give a little frivolity and joy to the image, it will be an excellent addition to the dress on the flower.

Decisive measures

For those who do not fear the experiments, there are many ways to look unusual. For example, or braid dreadlocks. Of course, this image is more suitable for girls or those whose profession does not involve any limitation in appearance.

There is the opinion that such hairdressing spoils hair, however, many notice that it is braiding hair into dreadlocks that manage to grow much faster. Another decisive measure to create an unusual hairstyle is a bottle of lacquer for fixing. The whole This is how you can create an Iroquois, a punk hairstyle that makes you go to a concert or a bar.

Fusion of style

top Unusual hairstyles

Often we can not decide exactly what we want: sweet or salty, vegetables or fruits. In this case it comes to the aid of a kitchen in the style of fusion, combining completely different ingredients and products. The same principle can be applied to our hair.

It is not easy to invent a haircut for every day. The very idea of a hairstyle implies an official event, such as a wedding or a gala dinner. However, sometimes I just want beautiful hair   in the most ordinary day. We offer you several ideas on how to make an excellent daily hairstyle.

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