7 strategies to have a positive mind

Positive mind-Today I want to talk about a powerful Life Coaching tool, a tool that is very important to help us achieve a happy, harmonious and successful life: positive thinking.

Positive thinking and the development of a positive attitude are two of the most important qualities you must have to achieve your goals and change your life.

When you think about what you want, you will also talk about what you will do to achieve it. This will naturally cause you to feel happier and more in control of your life. Why does this happen? Because while you think of something that makes you happy, the brain releases endorphin that are responsible for producing a sense of well-being.

A positive mind increases the chances of success in all areas of life. So is! Taking a positive attitude towards the world will make you happier. And this is not something that I invented. There is scientific evidence that having a positive mind reduces stress levels and improves health significantly.

This is why I want to share seven essential strategies to always have a positive mind and thoughts:

Positive mind always use positive words

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How many times do we find ourselves complaining about everything? Many, right? That’s why it’s important to remember that our words reflect our thoughts and, the more we look for positive things to say, the more we fill our thoughts with a positive attitude.

Make an effort to commit to always have a positive mind. I suggest the following exercise:  every day when you wake up, have a conversation with yourself and ask yourself:  what do I want to achieve?  How will I react when I reach my destination? How will I avoid negative thoughts?

Commit yourself at that moment to avoid them and replace them with constructive and positive thoughts. The next morning, check how much you managed to expel negative thoughts on your previous day and start over!

Focus on the present moment

We usually make the problems seem bigger than they really are. This can become a habit. A bad habit! But focusing on the present will make your concerns and fears smaller about what might fail.

Accept that not everything is perfect

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I have news:  perfectionism does not bring us closer to happiness; it takes us away from it! Being positive does not mean thinking that everything is perfect.

It can be difficult to give up the need for perfection and control, but to accept that things will not always happen as you expect will give you inner peace, tranquility and will positively focus you towards the future.

Many situations are beyond our control, and instead of spending energy generating negative emotions for this, better accept that things did not go as you wanted and focus on what you could do better next time.

Live with positive people

Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are! We look like the people around us: the more time you spend with people who have a positive mind, the more you start to think / act positively.

Contribute to your community

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One of the best ways to be more positive (and actually feel better) is to contribute to your community in some way. It’s wonderful to help other people.

Be grateful

Once a week set aside a few minutes of your day to thank for all that you have good in your life. Remember all those reasons why you feel grateful, it helps you to maintain the positive approach to face any situation in your life.

Being grateful will turn anger and frustration into more positive feelings.


discover positive mind

Meditation helps us generate positive thoughts. I suggest the following meditation exercise:

Close your eyes and take a deep breath

  • Just relax
  • Feel your breath
  • As you exhale, you release all negative thoughts from your body
  • Take control of what happens in your body and in your mind for the next three minutes
  • Only you will have within you an immense power and freedom to be and think positively and strengthen you

Now you know the power of positive thinking to face life. Remember: being positive and thinking positive is a habit. It is possible to learn to do it with practice. It is very important that you be constant practicing these seven actions for 21 days to create a habit and then see how they begin to change their lives.

Roger Walker

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