The effect of the work environment on work morale

Forward-thinking businesses spend a lot of time and money getting the best from their main assets – their employees. Whether it’s an excellent remuneration package, flexible work arrangements or additional leave rights. Some companies try harder and consider more subtle things in the work environment that can increase productivity and offer quality that improves mood.

Businesses that play music have noticed increasing morale and productivity of staff. You may not be in a position to play music, if you are a call centre for example but it’s worth taking the time to find out how you can improve morale in your workplace. The work environment has a big impact on our health and well-being, so it is feasible to create an atmosphere conducive to working well and feeling better.

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Business differ, of course, in the type of work they do and where their staff is located. However, each employee, whether a lawyer in an office block or builder at a construction site will appreciate a pleasant space to relax and unwind during breaks. All the factors such as light levels, the quality of the air and how natural the surroundings are help create a more pleasant and comfortable workplace. Seek the professional advice of Interior Fit Out Companies London like for your next office refit.

A lot of businesses don’t consider enough just how important it is to have a high standard of air quality at work. Bad air can impact a staff member’s concentration and sap their energy levels. Simply put, the fresher the oxygen is that enters the brain, the better a person can focus and work. This is why it is very important to have a regular cleaning system, to avoid the build-up of dust, allergens and bacteria that can cause respiratory problems.

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Lighting is also very important at work. Lower light levels, especially in the winter months, can cause our vitamin D levels to decrease, weaken our immune system and make us feel sad. Natural light is important if you want employees who are happy and productive. Special lights can be installed if there is a lack of windows, to provide a replacement for natural light. Good and right lighting makes people feel calmer and more positive and that spells good things for productivity levels. Plants are a useful addition to creating more natural environments. Real plants are also useful for maintaining clean air.

Music may not be possible in your workplace, but if that is the case you should consider the benefits. Music helps encourage creativity and positivity, increases morale and in some cases is believed to increase sales and increase yield.

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