How to overcome frustration? Practical tips to overcome

Overcoming frustration is not always easy. It is a feeling that appears in our lives when we fail to realize our projects, dreams and desires. It is usual to have met her, even though she is an uncomfortable travel companion, since she does not allow you to dream again, nor to imagine new projects. Let’s discover how to overcome frustration.

The feelings that accompany it are related to the personal moment we live, thus increasing feelings of inefficiency, low personal self-concept, complex, lack of motivation and illusions, failure.

How to overcome frustration?

How to overcome frustration

Frustration is an interesting emotional state because it tends to bring out the worst of those who are frustrated.

When we consider how to overcome frustration, it is common for us to be advised or to read self – help books that tells us that in order to carry out our projects and desires, what we have to do is to imagine ourselves in them, that is, to think, project, dream about them …

But what about the frustration?

Normally, when the feeling of frustration accompanies us, this projection exercise only increases the frustration, since along with this projection of good intentions the fear appears “And if I do not get it again?”, “It will be better than I will not try again “,” even if I try, I will fail again “…

So this is not a good way when frustration is with us. However, when we manage to get rid of this feeling, we will go back to wanting, projecting and undertaking again, the search for our dreams. But until then, we have another way to go.

How to overcome frustration: acceptance

If frustration accompanies us, and with it negative and defeatist feelings in front of the dream that we pursue, the path we have to undertake is that of ACCEPTANCE.

What would happen if I did not get it? Can I live without getting what I am proposing? What is the reality that limits me up to now? Are there other ways to find happiness? Acceptance means “being able to live intensely and fully what we have to live”, looking for other ways to realize our dreams, who knows, maybe they will take us to the same destination.

What limits us to get our projects is the same as on other occasions would help me get it. That is to say, to focus the attention, to give hope, to have a lot of desire, and even the impatience to obtain it, sometimes they are good components to obtain it.

How to overcome frustration

But at other times, this generates frustration because things do not happen in correspondence to what we want, as we had expected and projected. And these same ingredients can hinder, slow down or block the goal, seeing that this will never come. Appearing a new companion on the way, frustration.

Frustration and reality

When we succeed in accepting the reality we are living, we will also be able to change it. Frustration will disappear when we accept that not everything can be achieved, but that I can search and find other ways to be happy.

So, in this way, with other feelings, from acceptance, understanding, tranquility, we will continue walking towards our dreams, without these paralyzing my happiness at any time.

Along the way I can be surprised by other paths that are intertwined and yet, finally, even without thinking, I may have approached a lot or even see my dreams come true, feeling happy for the way traveled, as well as got, although this is not exactly how and what I had dreamed.

Do not despair, not even for the fact that you do not despair. When all seems over, new forces arise. That means you live.

When considering how to overcome frustration you have to accept and live life happily, recognizing that things do not happen when and how we want. However, accepting this truncated path from the “normality” of life can lead us to a different way of living, but no less happy.

Kendrick Brown

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