Types of attitudes

A person’s attitude greatly conditions what they can achieve, their relationship with others and their level of well-being. If you want to harvest good things for your life, it is essential that you make sure that your attitude is aligned with your wishes. There are many types of attitudes.

Types of attitudes

There are many classifications. Two basic classifications are

Positive attitudeTypes of attitudes

It is one that characterizes people who make an effort to see the good in almost everything and maintain an excellent optimism despite experiencing some difficulties. The positive mental attitude is contagious and the people who possess it, not only stay talking about wonderful things, but they act with determination to achieve the objectives. Positive attitude implies a lot of discipline and a marked tendency to work immediately to overcome problems.

Negative attitudeTypes of attitudes

They are the people who begin to observe everything with a great pessimism and although many things are well, they will focus specifically on what little went wrong and they will magnify it, assuming it is a great catastrophe. People with a negative attitude find mental clarity difficult because they are clouded by their pessimism and the expectation that things will go wrong. This type of attitude is also contagious and a person with a negative attitude in charge of a project is highly likely to fail because apart from the daily problems, will create many more doing the tasks more complex than normal. It is one of the types of attitudes.

Regarding the initiative at work, the following classification is given:

Proactive attitudeTypes of attitudes

It is said that a person is proactive when he makes an extra effort to look for new ways, strategies, and creativity to achieve the goal. The proactive people are mentalized in assuring the results and they say to themselves “I will do everything necessary to achieve this objective”. And their actions demonstrate a high commitment far beyond the conventional one. One way to acquire that proactive attitude is to use the subliminal audio program I AM A TRIUNFATOR, where the positive phrases you will hear will completely transform your personality, give you enough mental clarity to make decisions with wisdom, increase your motivation so that you deliver yourself with discipline to your goals, impregnate your mind with positive ideas and feel the inspiration and self-confidence to fulfill each of your dreams. Use these effective subliminal audios daily and you will feel a powerful inner strength that will guide you to success, fulfillment and total personal fulfillment.

Reactive attitudeTypes of attitudes

They are the people who can execute the works, but they are always waiting for the appropriate means. And at the slightest obstacle, they are paralyzed and will use the phrase “did not have the resources”. Reactive people expect changes in the environment and circumstances to act. Which is a limitation to meet various personal goals? Or in organizations, reactivity is also associated with a negative and conformist attitude. Today’s competitive companies require people with a proactive attitude. And self-directed groups, where decisions can be made to redefine strategies. Optimize resources and commit to achieving objectives in the midst of various circumstances. It is one of the types of attitudes.

A general classification of the type of attitude is the following:

Emotional attitude

It is linked to the use of emotions and can be observed in love, friendship. And also in projects that involve internal motivation. For example, a person can enjoy a training project, because teaching is one of the tasks that he is most passionate about and this is a fundamental requirement to succeed in a project. You also have to be careful with the emotional attitude. Because many people get carried away by their emotional mind, but when they realize the level of responsibility. And the fighting spirit that a goal demands, they may get discouraged along the way and end up giving up. So the emotional part is very good, but you also have to analyze the processes. And acquire the commitment to complete the tasks, until reaching the goals.

Disinterested attitudeTypes of attitudes

It is when a person focuses on the benefit that other people can get. Strictly speaking, it is quite difficult to have a completely disinterested attitude. Because even in altruistic works, people perform them to satisfy a desire because there is a value or reason that tells them that it is OK to proceed in that way.

Interested attitudeTypes of attitudes

It is that attitude that is based on filling individual needs, it is normal. Only that this attitude should be used with care, avoid showing that others are just objects that serve to fulfill a purpose. In the eagerness to fulfill diverse personal goals.  Always it is necessary to show interest in the relationships that will allow benefits and convergence of expectations. It is one of the types of attitudes.

Manipulative attitudeTypes of attitudes

It is a fairly common attitude. Under this principle work a lot of groups, people feel threatened if they do not follow certain guidelines, emotional manipulation is used. Where people believe that they have much to lose if they go out of the established.  Because it abounds everywhere, there are those who struggle to convince you of the existence of a globalized reality. When the truth is that reality is an individual experience and when you wake up to your unlimited consciousness, then you find your freedom.

Integrative attitude

It is an attitude that seeks mutual benefits and common good. It is typical in good negotiations and the different successful exchanges that occur in life. If you always think about earning your share and that others can also do it. Then you will consider yourself to be someone with an excellent attitude. You will inspire others and have stronger reasons to do your work efficiently.

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