7 self-esteem dynamics for adults

Self-esteem is the ability of human beings to feel good about themselves. A person who has well-established self-esteem dynamics will be able to better cope with the various adverse situations that may arise in life.

It is important to start establishing self-esteem from childhood so that in adulthood we can serve as a fundamental pillar in all our experiences, but this does not always happen that way.

It is then that the dynamics of self-esteem for adults are a good therapeutic alternative for adults who are insecure and do not trust themselves.

Self-esteem dynamics for adults

In this article, we will see some dynamics of self-esteem for adults that can be very useful in strengthening it. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of these dynamics depends to a large extent on the personal characteristics of each subject.

1. Stand in front of a mirrorself-esteem dynamics

The most common is that every day we look at the mirror in a casual way, without this representing something, in particular, to brush our teeth, or maybe to comb our hair … But with this dynamic, we can make looking at ourselves in the mirror a daily experience transforming for ourselves.

What we will do is choose a schedule in which we will look in the mirror every day, and smile when we see each other. We will focus on the person before us and we will say pleasant phrases that make that person feel good (ourselves).

In this way we strengthen our self-esteem and our autonomy, emphasizing our virtues and realizing that we ourselves can be our best motivator.

2. Write a letter addressed to your version of the pastself-esteem dynamics

This works as a means to connect deeply with who we really are. It allows us to thank ourselves for the things we have done to get where we are, highlighting the positive always.

Although not all the way traveled has been pleasant, we must learn to value our virtues and see that they have served us to become who we are now. That is why we are going to write that letter as if it were for someone very special; that someone who is ourselves in a past version.

3. Reward yourself for your achievementsself-esteem dynamics

After having studied hard for an exam, having finished an exhausting working day, or after having presented your university exam for which you studied so much, reward yourself! And do not do it based solely on how it has gone. It is one of the best self-esteem dynamics.

Do it based on your having the initiative to do things. Even if the results have not been as expected, you gave your best and that is gratifying, it deserves to be celebrated.

4. Reading as a reinforcement of self-esteem

When we read, we are not only exercising our brain, but we are also giving ourselves a moment of personal encounter with ourselves. Reading makes us know ourselves more through the literature we discover. It is one of the self-esteem dynamics.

When we see a phrase that has made us feel good, one that has motivated us, we take note of it in a personal diary, which we fill with phrases that we find and do not make us feel positively identified.

5. Set aside space for you within the routineself-esteem dynamics

Something that often happens is that we let our routine consume us to the point where we do not have time to stop and think about ourselves and our personal interests. Not everything revolves around work or academics, it is also important to be well psychically. It is one of the self-esteem dynamics.

What we will do to realize this dynamic of self-esteem is to stay alone to think about things that make us happy and we want to do in the future. It does not matter that it is not a long time, with fifteen minutes a day it will be fine.

6. List your virtuesself-esteem dynamics

This option consists of developing yourself a ranking list of your strengths and aptitudes. Do it as if it were a description of yourself that you are doing to another person, but focus especially on the things for which you are good, and in which you could become.

This practice will make you strengthen your self-esteem and your motivation, taking into account that when writing the things for which you could be good you are setting future goals.

7. Give and receive

This dynamic is based on choosing a group of specific people and telling each of the three positive things they have. The purpose of this dynamic is that the people to whom you express their virtues feel good about themselves.

On the other hand, seeing your reaction of joy will also make you feel good about yourself and your power to make others feel good, and your self-esteem will go up.

Jeffrey Wilson

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