A Sober Living Center Could Be Your Savior

Addiction is a day-to-day fight, and detoxification is only the beginning of recovery. Extreme addiction alienates people from all normal sources of social support. Enrollment in a sober living community fills this void and provides a safe place for retreat and recovery.

Sober Communities Offer Safety

It’s the sad fate of many recovering addicts to be isolated from everything in their former lives. A lack of finances or other outside assistance sees people coming straight out of rehab onto the street. The experience of homelessness places addicts in a particularly vulnerable position to resume their old habits. Sober living houses MD solve this crisis by getting the addict out of immediate danger and allowing opportunities for a fresh, healthy start.

Strict Structure Keeps People Clean

A standard sober house has rigorous rules which residents are obliged to follow. Obviously, the most important requirement is to stay alcohol- and drug-free. This is enforced through random drug tests. Those who don’t pass are ejected, possibly to spend time in rehab or jail.

Other common regulations involve nonviolence, visitor restrictions, doing household chores, attending meetings, and actively seeking or being engaged in work or school activities. The goal is to keep addicts occupied and give them every excuse not to backslide.

An Atmosphere of Encouragement

A supportive environment is regularly critical to an addict’s recovery. One’s fellow sober house residents afford a degree of understanding unmatched by those who’ve never struggled with a substance dependency. Most facilities have mandatory meetings around twelve-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous as a form of group therapy and education. Institutions may also have on-call therapists for individual patients, as well as more general resources such as help finding employment and medical treatment.

Sober living houses have a built-in social network of people sharing the same situation. In times of temptation, this community can be a literal lifesaver.