Exercise with baby to recover after delivery

Do you want to recover your figure after delivery, but do not want to separate yourself from your baby? Include it in your exercise routine! You just had your little one and your life has turned 180 degrees. Your body has changed completely and your routines now follow a chaotic rhythm in which you feel you do not have time for anything. Still, you want to stay healthy and strong and recover your figure. Do not worry. We give you some tips on how to exercise with your baby.

How to exercise with baby?

Despite the many challenges, both logistical and emotional, which implies the recent maternity, it is important not to fall into a sedentary lifestyle at this time.

Your body needs to recover after pregnancy and delivery and recover a good muscle tone. It is also possible that you want to get rid of the weight gained in the previous months or that you simply need to exercise to feel good.

The exercise provides innumerable benefits. It helps us to find ourselves physically and emotionally healthy. It allows us a time of disconnection and dedication to ourselves that is essential. However, you no longer have the same time as before to go to the gym and do not want to be separated from your baby. The solution? Include your little one in your exercise routine.

Exercise with baby

Exercise with your baby outdoors

It is common for the first months of your baby to feel bound or locked up at home. Going out to exercise in the open air can be that respite you need to recharge your energies. The contact with nature, the light of the sun and the breeze will make you feel very good both.

For this, one of the simplest options is to go for a walk with your baby. You can take a foulard portage in a baby carrier or stroller.

If you also want to complement this cardiovascular routine with some toning, look for a park or a quiet place and take note of the exercises that we propose below.

Firmly grasp the handlebar of the stroller and lift one leg back. Keeping it straight, try to squeeze the gluteus and hold for a few seconds. After several repetitions, change the leg and repeat the process.

With the cart in front of you, support your hands on it. Take one foot forward, as if taking a stride, while the back knee bends almost to the ground. Return to your initial position and continue, alternating legs.

To exercise your arms, hold the handlebar of the stroller with the palms of your hands facing upwards. Raise and lower the cart doing repetitions to work the biceps. You can also grip the handlebar in the usual way and raise the cart by opening the elbows to shoulder height.

Exercise with baby

Exercise with your baby at home

If you prefer to exercise inside your own home, there are several options that you can take into account. If you want to take advantage while your baby sleeps, you can use various online resources (such as videos or applications) that propose gymnastics or yoga routines to do at home. On the contrary, if you want to involve your child in your sports routine, here are some of the exercises you can do.

Squats: hold your baby in front of you with arms outstretched. Moderately open your legs and lower, bending the knees and pushing the buttocks back.

Bridge: Lie on your back, knees bent and feet slightly apart. Place your baby on your abdomen and lift the pelvis, making strength with the legs and buttocks, and low without touching the ground.

Table or iron: lay your baby on his back and stand on him, resting your elbows on both sides of his body and with his legs stretched out. Contract the abdomen and hold the position for 30 seconds. You can use this same position to do push-ups.

Chest: Lie on your back with your baby in the chest. Lift it and lower it, flexing and stretching your arms. Remember to perform these exercises gradually. Starting with three sets of 15 repetitions in each will be enough.

There are several gyms and centers that offer different classes for moms and babies. In them, besides exercising and strengthening the bond with your child, you can create a network with other mothers in the same situation with whom to share friendship.

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