Survive in a toxic work environment

Toxic work environment-Does gossip and confrontations between partners prevail in your work? Do you feel that your bosses do not value your ability to work? What real possibilities do you have to improve in the company for which you work? These are some key questions to know if you are working in a toxic work environment that we help you answer here.

Regardless of whether the work we do we like to a greater or lesser extent. The environment in which we develop influences our results. Our day to day and, ultimately, our quality of life. Above all. If we are immersed in a toxic work environment, that in which the discomfort appears as a work partner and . In which the drama, fights and personal problems between colleagues are part of the routine.

In fact, sometimes it happens that we feel bad about ourselves in many aspects of our life and we are not aware that the focus of the problem is in a bad work environment. We have become so accustomed to this dynamic that, more than an exception. We hardly even notices it and its consequences. Let’s deepen.

Analyzing the work environment

toxic work environment

To ask certain questions about the work. As well as about the environment in which it is carried out, is of enormous importance to take some perspective of the work situation in which we find ourselves.  And the possibilities with which it has in the future within the company in the one that is worked

Generally, the problems that are created between peers are a direct consequence of poor leadership on the part of those who have a work team under their charge. Thus, an incorrect way of directing a group of people, without a synergy. Or mutual understanding, can lead to environmental toxicity.

Toxic leadership is usually governed by disparagement or lack of consideration for the work of team members.

The favoritism, the lack of respect for each person’s personal life, the absence of clear limits, the consent of gossip and unprofessional attitudes among employees, etc. They are attitudes that should not go hand in hand with an authentic democratic leader. In this way, if we perceive that our boss can be of this type. There is a high probability that we are submerged in a toxic work environment.

The lack of opportunities as the genesis of toxicity

Assessing the opportunities that current work offers for the future. In the form of possibilities of promotion or vertical mobility is another important component in the purpose of examining the quality of the work environment.

Excessive work with a remuneration below that corresponding to the work that is carried out. As well as the absence of options to improve work, are usually the focus of a toxic work environment.

Environments in which leaders are unable to offer constructive feedback on the performance of their employees’ work. Or in which they plan constant doubt about making correct decisions on the part of the worker can be work environments where the future of the worker is relatively vetoed.

There are companies, especially in the current work moment, that tend to make an effort to make their workers feel lucky with the work that is offered to them. In exchange for having to develop it in a toxic work environment. Clearly, almost everyone needs to work. But accepting these types of terms can be a trap that negatively affects many vital aspects in the long term.

The balance between work and personal life

There is no doubt that our work usually occupies an important place in our lives. But if we see ourselves subtracting time from our personal life to pour it into work. We could be starting to cross the line that delimits the toxicity of normal work.

A good measure to measure the possible presence and scope of this situation is to reflect on whether our topic of conversation during free time revolves constantly around our work. Whether it is positive or negative arguments.

If we find ourselves unable to stop this continuous dialogue about our work. It becomes necessary to try to clarify if our work has invaded our personal space in an excessive way.

Another measure of the quality of our work environment is our health. If we often find ourselves sick or feel bad without knowing the real cause. We may experience emotional stress as a result of the toxic work environment in which we find ourselves immersed.

Prepare for flight

When the case has occurred and one has recognized that the work environment in which he develops his work is a toxic environment, one of the first ideas that are usually raised is to leave the job. Unfortunately, the labor market is not at its best and this change could be difficult; but that does not mean that we are obliged to conform.

A change in routines and, above all, in our own expectations, can help to improve our future perspective. Although one may find it difficult to escape-literally-from their toxic work, there are always options to explore.

Going back to school, signing up for training courses or even preparing for competitive exams are ideas that can be considered and that can broaden our work horizon; On more than one occasion, they may end up paying off.

Even training in something that is not related to our current work is a way to clear the mind, and to leave the small circle that ends up becoming a toxic work environment.

One of the aspects that we should try to discern when we Surviving a toxic work environment

Are immersed in a work environment of this type is to what extent we are part of it. And this is because the toxic mentality of a company is often transmitted quickly to employees and it is convenient to ask ourselves if we are part of that problematic trend.

It is also convenient to try to shield yourself against gossip. That is, to escape whenever possible from toxic conversations between colleagues and tries not to participate in them. Especially if there are situations of personal offense.

It does not usually serve much to complain to colleagues about other people or situations; this does not usually solve the problem and, in fact, can aggravate it.

Some tips that may be useful for dealing with a toxic work environment, especially in terms of managing your own time, are:

  • Take advantage of free time.
  • Look for activities that clear the mind.
  • Discover creative skills
  • Dedicated part of the time to an activity that has nothing to do with work.

To address this situation, which at first may seem complex, it is advisable to establish and write about the new routines that you want to carry out. For example, do not share too many personal details at work or take a walk at lunchtime outside the company.

It can be useful to cultivate friendships outside the workplace, not take work home and establish new job prospects for your future are also two good ideas.

Following these tips, it will be easier to smile mentally and feel better while looking for options to end this situation. Without forgetting that with effort, struggle and persistence we will escape from that toxicity that affects us so much.

Roger Walker

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