What Happens if I Sleep 4 Hours a Day

Sleeping well should never be underestimated because the body has its times and needs to rest to carry out each of its obligations. The human being, no matter how hard he tries, is not a machine; Well sooner or later it fails if you don’t get the rest you need to function.

This leads us to talk about insomnia, a disorder that today affects a large number of people and specialists must treat that. Although many believe that sleeping 4 hours a day is perfectly feasible (either for work or for a certain lifestyle), resting a few hours is an increasingly common and worrying fact that we should not ignore. Next, we answer the question, ” what happens if I sleep 4 hours a day? ” “What consequences can I suffer in the long term?” Take note.

What happens if I sleep 4 hours a day?

To explain well what happens if you sleep 4 hours a day, you should bear in mind that it is a problem that gains weight as time passes. As you may well know, the ideal is to sleep 8 hours a day (between 6 and 9 to be more flexible) because only then the body reaches a total rest and recovers energy after the exhaustion of everyday life.

It is understandable that for many people, it is impossible to sleep that many hours. However, you should bear in mind that sleeping 4 hours a day should be an exception and not a habit.

what happens if i sleep 4 hours a day

In addition, those who believe that they can make up those lost hours of rest from Monday to Friday in a weekend are very wrong, because it is not a balance: lost hours of sleep are not recovered. Fatigue is still latent in your body and, if prolonged, could have a very negative impact on your day to day. Do you know what can happen to you if you sleep a little for a long period of time? The consequences that this can have on your health are several, so, next, we will tell you about the most important:

  • Recent brain capacity
  • Mood problems
  • Increased exposure to disease
  • Tendency to gain weight

Recent brain capacity

The brain, like the rest of the body, needs to rest at night to get the most out of its capabilities. If you are a very clueless person, this may be mainly due to a noticeable lack of sleep, leaving the keys at home, accidentally throwing a glass on the floor, forgetting certain obligations, etc.

According to all the scientific studies carried out on sleep, aspects related to memory, attention and learning are very resented when there is a lack of rest. Therefore, for your brain to function 100%, you will need to sleep a minimum of 6 hours a day if this is a difficult task for you, these simple but effective.

Mood problems

After all, everything that happens around us can affect the state of mind we are in; Having a difficult day at work, arguing with close people or having any setback affects your general well-being. However, one of the main obstacles is, once again, lack of sleep.

Having a few hours of sleep for many consecutive days undoubtedly affects your character, making you a much less patient and more irritable person. Intolerance increases, as lack of sleep, creates a feeling of general discomfort that takes away all energy and prevents us from being sympathetic to those around us.

When we are tired, we find comfort in tranquility and solitude, because we do not have enough energy to communicate with others and endure the daily activities that they carry out routinely. Therefore, if you want your relationships with others not to end up resentful, a good rest will be essential.

Increased exposure to disease

The body’s defenses go up or down based on such basic factors as diet, physical exercise and, of course, rest. That is why, as doctors well defend, sleeping 4 hours a day is a bad habit that can seriously weaken the immune system.

Why does this happen? Our immune system needs healthy lifestyle habits to increase its defenses and be strengthened.

As we have already seen, rest is essential for the proper functioning of our body and brain, so sleeping 4 hours a day can become a major obstacle. If our defenses are few, our immune system is clearly weakened, so that we will be more likely to contract viruses and bacteria.

Some of the most frequent health problems in the population (diabetes or obesity, for example) are more likely to develop in the body of a person who does not rest as they should because that person’s immune system will be more depressed.

To prevent this from happening, you can put into practice one of the most basic solutions that exist: adjust your day to day to a new schedule and rest for more hours.

Sleeping too little favors obesity

Lack of sleep completely unbalances glucose levels in the body, something that, in addition to promoting obesity, increases the risk of diabetes.

But beyond this, you should keep in mind that the more hours you are awake, the more energy your body will need to stay on its feet and, therefore, the more you will eat to try to fill that energy gap. Lack of sleep is one of the main culprits in slowing down your metabolism, something that also affects weight gain.

As you need more energy, you may be tempted to eat products with high levels of sugar that are easily absorbed, as this can give you the temporary feeling that you feel less down. However, these fats are harmful and difficult to burn, so the calorie balance consumed and burned will be seriously affected.

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