10 reasons men like mature women

The attraction towards a young girl seemed invincible and instead, today, we discover that the new sex symbols are the so-called Milfs, mothers with a certain appeal, and the Cougars, attractive women even if no longer very young. But why does this happen? Here are ten possible reasons.

1. Financial stability

Mature women “win” for reasons that “concern, for example, finances, which are usually solid in a 50-year-old woman”. Man would therefore not have the burden of always taking them out to dinner or of guaranteeing an economically sustainable future for his lady.

2. Less hormonal imbalances?

There are also those who argue that the body of younger women is somehow overwhelmed by hormonal storms. This would make them, at least according to this theory, more emotionally unstable, less accommodating. Mature women, on the other hand, would control their emotions better, giving males less “headaches”.

3. Sexual maturity

Another important aspect according to the psychotherapist is that a woman of a certain age also has experience in bed:

” Surely another element to make her prefer is also a sexual maturity that allows a more complicit and direct relationship without false modesty “, explains the doctor.

Sexy mature women: experience also brings with it the ability to please yourself

Mature women would therefore be more uninhibited and experienced than younger women.

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4. They don’t want to change man

A woman who has several relationships behind her knows what she wants. He knows what he looks for in a man and knows where and how to find him. It, therefore, does not pretend to be with someone to change it. When they don’t approve of behavior, they simply cut ties.

5. “Free” relationships

Another aspect that would favor an over-40 would also be greater freedom in ties.

” No to forced change: they do not want to change their partner”, continues Vinciguerra.

Probably a mature woman already has a divorce or in any case an important separation behind her. His interest is therefore not so much to retrace the path of a stable relationship.

6. Children? We don’t talk about it

About responsibility. It is so-called Milfs (sexy women, to put it mildly) that they have children. They are therefore not as obsessed with motherhood as a younger girl might be. This aspect could reassure many men, who often do not feel ready to become fathers.

7. Perfect physique

It may seem like a paradox, but more and more forties have a sculptural physique. They care a lot about their diet and go to the gym to define their shapes. This element is also confirmed by Vinciguerra:

” They care about their physical appearance and keep fit.

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8. But they are not obsessed

Even if they heal, it doesn’t mean they are perfect. But they have often learned to live with their “flaws” better than girls. In fact, the latter are often obsessed with looking beautiful in the eyes of their partner and this often makes them experience intimate relationships badly.

9. The brain also wants its share

As we said, a woman in the shanks has more experience in bed. But not only. The past decades have made them educated, intelligent, they know what it means to be in the world. This also makes the conversation between the two partners more enjoyable

10. Inversion of roles

Perhaps this last element is the most interesting. A woman was once considered – rightly or wrongly – as the one who sought protection and stability in a relationship. Now it seems that the roles have reversed. This would be the reason why men are increasingly looking for mature women. Vinciguerra explains again:

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