10 Tactics with your body language tips to get what you want

They say that our body has its own language, known as body language tips, which speaks much more than your own words.

Recent studies have shown that people who know how to communicate effectively using their body language tips (nonverbal cues) have higher levels of emotional intelligence .

Top 10 Tactics with your body language tips to get what you want

Sit up straight

your body language tips

Leaning on the chair, putting your elbows on the table and covering your face with your hands are signs of disrespect. They communicate that you have no interest in what you are hearing.

On the contrary, if you sit with your back straight and your shoulders back, you look more confident about yourself. This is a position of power.

The more space your body occupies, the more success you will see that you have. Also, never back down, it makes you look smaller and projects less energy.

Use your gestures correctly

If you exaggerate in your gestures, people will think that you are telling lies or that you are trying to hide something. On the other hand, open gestures, like detaching the arms, show that you have nothing to hide.

Open the arms

When you cross your arms, you are sending a clear signal: ” I am not flexible, and I do not agree with what you are saying.” Even if you smile, crossed arms and legs are not good tactics of your body language tips.

Stop touching your hair

If you are one of those people who constantly touch your hair, play with it, or try to fix it all the time while you are talking to others, you should leave this bad habit of your body language.

This shows your mental insecurity  and lack of attention. So stop touching your hair and try to focus on what the other person is telling you.


your body language tips

While smiling all the time does not imply that you have a strong character, if you do it in the right place and at the right time, it shows that you have control over the situation around you and that you can remain calm no matter how complicated the circumstances.

Visual contact

This is perhaps the most important tactic you should learn with your body language tips.

Too intense eye contact can intimidate the person in front of you. It may even seem that you want to capture all your gestures and words due to your own insecurity.

However, if you avoid any kind of eye contact, you are also sending a message: You have something to hide.

The tactic with your body language is to try to maintain eye contact in a natural way by looking at the eyes, using pauses to deliver the right message.

Give a firm handshake

Never give a weak handshake, and do not give one that damages the hands. When someone invites you to shake hands, make sure it is firm.

This tactic with your body language projects confidence in yourself and safety.

Get too close

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If you are too close to someone (more than a meter and a half), it indicates that you have no respect or understanding of your personal space. This will make people feel very uncomfortable when they are around you.

Assent too much

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This habit of your body language, the exaggerated assent, indicates or speaks of your anxiety for the approval of others.

People may perceive your exaggerated assent as an attempt to show that you agree, or show that you understand something when you really do not.

Inconsistency between your words and expressions

The inconsistency between your words and your facial expression makes people feel that something is not right. You may suspect that you are trying to deceive them with your body language, even if they do not know exactly why or how.

For example, a nervous smile while rejecting an offer during a negotiation will not help you get what you want, it will only make the other person feel uncomfortable working with you.

Each of these tactics with your body language tips will help you get what you want, to better communicate your ideas and be consistent between what you say and what you do.

Roger Walker

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