6 Body language tips to be more successful

Body language, also known as gestural or nonverbal communication, is a highly effective passport in the way human beings and many animal species are linked. Science has proven that 90% of communication between people is non-verbal, while 10% is what we express with words. We share some body language tips to be more successful.

This form of communication is innate since we are born and we learn to bond. Using some specific keys, there are more chances of succeeding and achieving greater empathy with others.

The Body language tips to be more successful

The lookBody language tips

It is said to be the mirror of the soul, and something of that is true: through this gesture, it is possible to show much more of the obvious. The joy, sadness, fear or bewilderment are translated into micro gestures that, added together, produce an immediate decoding in the others. When you establish eye contact with the other person you are using one of the most effective techniques to connect. Establishing eye contact is one of the most powerful techniques to connect with others. According to scientists, you have to look directly into the eyes at least 40% of the time while we speak, and 70% when we listen. Looking awakens curiosity. The pupils dilate when we pay attention to certain aspects of the conversation, and that is where empathy arises in that situation.

The smileBody language tips

What distinguishes empathic people from others is usually a good, wide and spontaneous smile. Both in public or private situations; when you speak in an auditorium or hold work meetings; In interviews with clients or whenever you want to establish a better bond with other people. Smiling will help you to break down the first barriers that usually come between. Provided that the circumstance accompanies you and that it is appropriate to smile, do it without fear since you will see how soon the conversation begins and the appropriate feedback given by the context of your talk. It is one of the best body language tips to be more successful.

Open and receptive positionBody language tips

Another key to non-verbal communication is maintaining a body posture that represents the signs of openness and receptivity. When we want to connect with other people it is not good to be cross-legged or to adopt body postures that can be read by others as signs of reluctance and inattention. It will help you to place the body in front of the other person, erect, with the available hands to gesticulate the necessary supporting the intention of the ideas. If we are sitting, look for a rhythm, which means going to the rhythm of the body language of the other person, if we need to enter their world in order to connect better. Have you seen two people in a situation of love conquest? They usually seek to make this dance as similar as possible. It is one of the best body language tips to be more successful.

Show your handsBody language tips

When you show your hands when speaking, as when you narrow the other person’s hands. The sense of touch is stimulated, which brings us closer and connects. The hands produce very special gestures to support non-verbal communication with others. It shows the open palms: this is one of the primitive gestures of the species, which translates into good intentions, and denotes that there is nothing to hide. The hands in your pocket, while you talk, are not recommended if you need to stimulate the approach with others; the same as placing them crossed in front or behind: there is something that makes you feel uncomfortable or what you want to protect yourself. For the gestures to be authentic, it is recommended that you do them a bit before the words: prepare the ground for what is coming, and predispose better to the other party, anticipating in a subtle way what happens. On the contrary, you will have noticed that when you get angry. And use your hands to express anger, usually, the gesture of anger precedes the words. The same can be used in the opposite way.

Optimal distance

Maintaining an appropriate distance with people, especially when you do not know them, is essential not to intimidate or enter the other’s world in an invasive way. The optimal distance goes from 50 centimeters onwards. Below that distance, especially when facing each other, it is possible that one of the two people may feel uncomfortable. It seeks to make the other party feel comfortable. It is essential to achieve rapport (trust, back and forth, effectiveness in your communication). And it is one of the best body language tips to be more successful.

The use of the voice

The tones of voice, with their nuances and cadences, express as much or more than words. Science explains that it is one of the clearest and most powerful emotional indicators, along with facial expressions. A strong and compelling tone will likely intimidate the other person; a soft voice and very low tone will denote insecurity and even submission. The sharp and almost screaming tones diminish the legitimacy of what you want to express. It is one of the best body language tips to be more successful. The idea is to find a normal tone, calm and safe at the same time, to assertively communicate what you want to say.

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