How to be more optimistic in an effective way

How much time do you spend looking at the negative? How to be more optimistic? Do you have more facility to look for the positive side of things or the problematic side?

It is amazing how much time we spend complaining, recreating something that has happened to us and damaged us, imagining possible future threats or denying what we find annoying of others, our lives or ourselves.

It is more than striking the amount of effort, time and energy that we waste in developing what are called negative thoughts, allowing us to invade them.

Is there an alternative? Can you detoxify yourself from that negativity? Do you think you can develop an attitude and the ability to be positive? The answer is yes. You can learn to see, perceive and interpret reality in a more positive way.

How to be more optimistic

How to be more optimistic?

“But I’ve always been more negative. I always find it hard to see the good side of things …”

These and other similar excuses can be the objections you make to yourself to delay the change that, at some point in your life, you will have to do if you want to live in positive, instead of letting life go by seeing what it holds.

To be more optimistic, the first thing is to start believing that you can learn to be one. How to be more optimistic in your life and start enjoying it. Let’s see some of the key recommendations:

Optimism is an option. Feel that you can choose

It is important to always keep in mind, whatever happens, that an event is not the cause of your mood.

Before you get to feel how you feel, you have interpreted reality. You have sent yourself small messages, sometimes so fast and so automatic, that you are hardly aware of them, but that’s the way it is.

There is always a time when you can choose to take things differently.

And what about taking things differently what exactly does it mean?


Well, it means that you can focus your attention on the positive or improvable aspects of a situation or concentrate on the painful, annoying or negative aspects.

To exist, both poles exist, the negative and the positive coexist long before you were born; but you always have the opportunity to choose to divert your attention to the kinder side of the circumstances, or not to do so

Be aware of it, from today. In each moment, you have a choice before you, choose what you want to stop your mind for longer: what you have or what you lack ?, What you have lost or what you still have ?; In what you ignore or in what you know? What do you add or what remains?

Optimism has many forms or faces

There is no single way to be optimistic because there is no single way to surround yourself with positive content.

The positivity is there, although sometimes it goes unnoticed and you can get used to not focusing on it.

It is enough that you tune in; there are thousands of occasions to find it. It is like the artist who can detect art where others only see the stone or the pregnant woman who can not avoid seeing before other babies, etc.

Each one is specialized in detecting the things that most interest him or move him.

Optimism has many forms or faces

Therefore, if you start to interest and specialize in positive content, the positivity will reach you quickly, and you will learn to detect it beforehand.

You will become an expert in locating great opportunities, where the pessimist is only able to perceive annoyance, complaint, and negativity.

So you can start in this daily challenge to approach the positive side of things. Do it, although at the beginning you take more time to get it and you have to go out and explore and sweat.

Where are these positive contents?

Find people who transmit your positivity. Choose to spend more time with tonic people (with a sense of humor, vitalists, enterprising, cheerful, fighters, etc.)

You have to know yourself and know how much news, comments, movies or negative readings you start to intoxicate and feel bad.

On the contrary, ensure your daily dose of positive information, search news, media, conversations, radio programs, readings, movies or activities that generate harmony, tranquility, energy, positive thoughts, etc.

They exist, although sometimes you have to investigate and investigate a little more.

Dedicate a daily time to recreate in the positive

Dedicate a daily time

And if you do not have this time, then you have to create it, inaugurate the daily space in your life to stop and think about what is happening in your life that deserves you to smile, to rejoice, to congratulate yourself and enjoy it.

A few minutes a day may be enough to be aware that positivity is in your life.

So sit down and dedicate yourself to: congratulate yourself for your achievements, feel grateful for what you have and for those around you, review the events that have made you learn, laugh at the comic side you have been able to find in your mistakes and some absurd situations every day, etc.

Do not you take the time to complain, to notice that it hurts and to get angry because of how bad things are going? And what do you think if you start investing the same time to the contrary? Again, you decide.

Optimism can be learned. Make it a habit in your life

Optimism can be learned

Hopefully, you are of that percentage of people who have been born with a tendency to be positive, those who give off positivity in their path and who with great ease respond optimistically to daily adversities.

That would mean that you have a natural way with one of the best tools to face the obstacles of life.

However, you may be one of those who has to get up to exercise this skill that we call optimism because it is not something that comes out naturally and smoothly.

If it is your case, do not despair, do not complain, you will be moving away from positivity again; that you were not born with this resource does not mean you can not do something to acquire it.

Get to work; you can learn to be more optimistic, just as you have acquired other learnings in your life.

How to do it? Incorporate it into your life as a routine as you shower or have breakfast daily. The more automated you are, the sooner you will incorporate it into your day-to-day life and make it your “way of life.”

Constancy: it does not matter how many times you get away or that you realize that you have fallen back into pessimism. At any time of the day, you have a new opportunity to exercise it.

It is something that recharges and feeds on positive elements, so how many more positive contents do you have in your mind, with more reserves you will count on to be optimistic when difficulties, conflicts or problems arrive.

Optimism always wins: it has a transforming and creative capacity

Optimism always wins

Be optimistic, introduce changes to your life and be aware of the teachings.

Pessimism is easy enough to follow and maintain because complaining and underlining the negative does not entail an effort to change anything. If you change it, be careful, it will not be that you no longer have to complain about.

Optimism is more complex. It requires looking twice for the same circumstance, looking for and sniffing the overhang to hold onto. Reflecting on getting a moral of adversity, make an effort to see the window that opens behind the closed door.

If you want to be more optimistic, you can not go in a hurry for life, demanding that things are painted pink now, now and fast.

Being more optimistic implies:

Because you believe that to some degree there is always something you can do to reverse, improve, alleviate or relativize the negative that has occurred.

Feeling active agent and protagonist of your life is fundamental. Of course, there is a margin of variables that are not under your control, very well keep in mind, but choose to concentrate on those factors that you can change, which depends on you.

What can you do? What do you need? How could you improve it?

Spend an hour with an optimist; it will always be productive and very rewarding.

Try to see opportunities. Perhaps there are difficult situations that appear to you as unchangeable, before which little or nothing can be done.

In this case, feel Accept. However, after a while, you can always do something with your attitude: take teaching, an apprenticeship, a moral or stay with the good of what you lost.

Kendrick Brown

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