10 secrets of responsible leadership

Secrets of responsible leadership- Initiative, perseverance, hard work … There are many things that good leaders have in common, but it is those who add responsibility to that formula who become truly unforgettable leaders. These leaders not only come to occupy large corporate positions and fulfill their duty to make decisions that promote the growth of the organization, they are also aware of the way their actions influence their environment and are concerned with creating a positive impact on the organization.

These are people who value the opinions of others and know the importance of seeking advice in order to learn and grow; At the same time they know that their experiences can be of great help to others and build with them a legacy that they can not wait to share, so they offer their help to others and are concerned with transmitting as much of their knowledge as they can.

It is thanks to this desire to share your best advice, that the wisdom of a group of top managers has been gathered in a recent column by John Brandon on the Inc. portal offering professionals some tips on responsible leadership practices that make successful a leader.

Do not keep secrets of responsible leadership

secrets of responsible leadership

Transparency, transparency, transparency A responsible leader knows the importance of keeping his collaborators informed about the achievements of the organization, but also about their challenges and opportunities, so he encourages his questions about everything they consider relevant in the state of a project or in the middle of a crisis situation.

Your team is able to know if you are hiding something. This generates uncertainty and makes them feel suspicious, two feelings that you do not want to affect your collaborators. Build the rules of the game based on the needs of your team, let them know exactly where they are and build a plan to move forward. All this forces you to share your vision, something that every good leader does in the first place.

Shows empathy

When we talk about the difference between a leader and a leader, we say that leaders are those who know how to listen to their collaborators, but a responsible leader is one who goes a step further from the simple act of paying attention to their ideas and concerns. is concerned with responding to a specific response to the needs of your team.

You can not be understanding and try to fall right every time someone comes to you with a problem or concern, you must be able to understand each person’s point of view. You can not just dismiss it. If you are able to be truly empathetic, you can more easily respond to their specific concerns.

Learn to lead minorities

best responsible leadership

The members of the younger generations are the most social in history. They are in constant contact with their peers and family; at the same time they are isolated, because most of their communication happens through technology (…) leaders must work to build one-on-one relationships and learn to communicate on equal terms with people of different generations and experience level.

In the same way a responsible leader knows that he can not guide all his collaborators under the same management, since each one has different motivations and needs, so he cares about knowing them in depth and identifies their particular characteristics paying special attention to minorities and its particularities in order to respond in a timely manner to your concerns.

Do not be afraid of criticism

You must be willing to look at the truth no matter if it is uncomfortable. That includes criticism about yourself, about your product and about your people. If your product stinks and your equipment is not working, pretending that this is false will not change anything. You have to look at it head on and find a way forward.

A good leader knows his strengths, but an excellent one has also identified his weaknesses and surrounded himself with people capable of doing the work that is difficult for him, so he is constantly interested in his opinions and does not fear criticism. he knows that identifying a problem and recognizing it is the key to overcoming it.

Be a piece of puzzle

Be honest with yourself recognizing what you know and what you do not know, select a support team based on the skills that the candidates show to take the company in the right direction. Look at yourself as a piece of Swiss cheese, knowing your holes and adding other slices to your side will help you create a solid and firm block.

Responsible leaders know that by demanding from their team the fulfillment of unrealistic objectives run the risk of generating a collective feeling of frustration that in the long run can be detrimental to their performance, so they are given the task of knowing in depth the capacities of their collaborators, but also their limitations in order to help them overcome them while laying a convenient path to both individual and group level goals.

Remember that you are human

You can think that there is no place for emotions at work, but letting a little positive emotion flow between you and your people can be productive (…) Know them better and let them know you better, if they do not know anything about you? How can they feel comfortable with you? It’s not about becoming better friends, but about being human.

A responsible leader understands that his team is made up of a group of human beings whose performance depends to a great extent on their ability to boost the development of their skills, so they usually worry about their physical and mental well being, promote healthy habits and offer them the possibility of balancing your personal life with your work activities.

Invest time in others

My best leadership advice is to think of it as a responsibility as much as an opportunity. efficient leaders understand that if they lose their dedication to the people they lead, they are not really being leaders

When I have a task that involves a long waiting time, I take that time to invest in the development of someone on my team.

Communicate your purpose

Think about how your future looks, how it feels and how it transforms. It has to be a compelling vision and you have to stop in that picture almost as if it were a memory. Share it with your team so they can see it and do what it takes to achieve it.

When a team is abandoned to its fate, it is very likely that it can deviate and lose sight of the goal. A responsible leader knows how to identify the motivational skills of each of the workers in his / her charge in order to deeply engage him / her with the commitment of the organization, allowing him / her to make the pertinent decisions to carry out the work for which he / she has been hired.

Fosters self-awareness

Leaders are not born, they evolve and for that they must be aware of themselves first. To develop responsible leadership skills you must be honest, real and safe, but not arrogant. Reliable leaders conduct themselves through values with a clear purpose and a firm vision, arrogant ones are driven by fear, guilt and ego.

A responsible leader trusts his collaborators, knows that he counts talented professionals who will make the best decisions and that, if he wants to take his company to success, he needs to focus on his own strengths and add value from them allowing other professionals to take care of the tasks in which you are not an expert.

Repeat daily: “It’s not about me”

Repeat the words: -It’s not about me- every day several times. Do not make your responsible leadership  for giving you a promotion or better opportunities, think of it as a legitimate service to the needs of your team.

Participate in the Leadership Workshop

top responsible leadership

Currently, soft skills are a very important aspect of evaluation when applying for a job. These are the pillars that channel your talent. Therefore, we invite you to participate in the responsible leadership workshop in the city of Arequipa.

This will be a space of self-knowledge, self-perception and self-discovery of the best you can offer the world from your career to achieve positive social impact.

What are the secrets of great leaders?

the responsible leadership

Surely you have asked yourself this question more than once: how a person who performs a simple charge of responsible or head of staff can become a true leader of your company. Do not give it more laps, here is the answer.

They are like an iceberg (metaphorically)

Think of an iceberg. What is above water is what can be seen of people. This is the “practical” part of leadership. What is below water (and is much bigger) is the “being” of a person, things that are not visible but are the basis of responsible leadership. These are the values and character of a leader.

They value their team above all

For them there is nothing more important than having a team of decisive, responsible, valid people. But above all, good leaders worry daily about the happiness, comfort and stability of the people around them in the company.

They keep their feet on the ground

From the first day they enter their work to the last. Good leaders are simple people, who listen and listen to the councils, who know the importance of companionship and recognize the merits of others.

The secret of loving your work

Nobody can be a good leader in a job that you do not love above anything, and that is the best secret: to love what you do with passion. If this requirement is not present, there is no leader.

They are people who do not believe in failure …

Although they know how to admit their mistakes. Nothing has to do with one another: good leaders fall, learn from their mistakes and continue on their way with renewed strength. They never give up no matter how complicated the circumstances in which they are involved.

Digital responsible Leadership

discover responsible leadership

  • The digital responsible leader builds a profile focused on ideas and their behavior on networks.
  • The interaction of conversations with users allows you to be followed, although everything starts in the diffusion of the content that the same application executes.
  • The learning occurs in this interconnection, thanks to the approach of the leader’s contribution, which transmits knowledge, his own experiences and those of third parties.
  • The passion and insistence are a daily temptation that can lead you to become an or an publisher of ideas, so you need clarity and consistency.
  • Both inside and outside the Internet, it is necessary to have a team and all the conditions inherent to its management.
  • Experience, knowledge, intelligence, ability and focus are strength idea that form, in turn, part of the content of their messages and their lifestyle.
  • Outside or on the Internet, however, only the leader knows if everything he does is unreal, made up or built for the photo.

Finally, secrets of responsible leadership does exist and can be a very interesting tool, as long as its application includes a true leader, who contemplates the values of the Internet in his work. Many times we think that the Internet is not an environment with values, and that the network is dangerous, unethical or a space for those who shout better, however, it is not so.

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