Improve the power of observation skills in every sector

There are plenty of things that we think we understand or take for non-existent after observing for a couple of minutes. Be assertive to develop observation power. But if we keep observing them for longer, it will not be long before new things, new ideas and new consequences appear, which we were far from suspecting. The power of observation skills helps you find out the correct for you.

The habit of looking at the bird’s eye deprives us of all kinds of resources that could change the course of our lives. We cannot suppose that to be ecstatic contemplating indefinitely a tree, a wall, the face of a man or the posing of a problem can be a productive occupation. In every observed object, there are more possibilities than those that immediately come into view. It is logical to increase the intelligence of observation. We strive to look more closely and when we are sure we have done so. Return to look more closely. Before moving on to something else, it is still good to look and see more closely the above.

What is the power of observation skills?

power of observation skills

Life is like a book, and you have to know how to read it to understand its complexity and live without so many problems. The observation skills mean the ability to observe something and get information immediately. If you have no power of observation skills, you will fail in every sector.

The reason for the failure of people in life is that they continuously try to get through the full day without paying concentration to any learning. A more productive challenge is to try to get something out of the day to day. Sensitize to observe and interpret what is arising around us. Be alert, awake.

Not interpreting subtle messages, often opportunities or problems prevents development. Many wonderful or miserable situations are crouched in seemingly insignificant events. If attention is not paid to these events, opportunities will easily escape, and problems will arise.

Becoming a good observer is a vital challenge. Many signs demand our attention, each with its special message as well as its code to be deciphered.

How to be more observant?

be more observant

When we refer to the approach, we refer to the perspectives of study, quantitative or qualitative. Quantitative methods use non-participant observation and for qualitative approaches, participant observation

Non-participant observation

In the non-participant observation, the researcher does not intervene in the field to take the data. It is always in a position external to the context of the research problem. To practice this method, you must limit yourself to strictly recording the information; you can not make value judgments or interact with the environment and its members. You must seek objectivity at all times; you will intend to restrict yourself to collect the necessary data to study your thesis topic numerically.

With non-participant observation about fields where people participate, it is necessary to remember, at all times, that the observer’s role is not to express their opinions but to collect and then quantify the opinions of the participants of the population or sample. Non-participant observation is very useful to analyze behaviors and daily life, also to measure the periodicity of a specific event.

importance of observation

Participant observation

On the other hand, participant observation requires that the researcher participates in the events of the field of study that he/she seeks to investigate. There are detractors of this method of view, which they call untruthful, but the truth is that it has been extended and approved as a useful method for interpretive research studies.

Thanks to anthropology and sociology many other areas of knowledge have been able to enrich their studies with participant observation. To be a good participant observer, you must become familiar with the study environment and the collaborators, deeply know their points of view and motivations, understand the interactions and cultural values. That will only be achieved if you establish trust with the subjects of your study.

It is a process that requires skills, patience, and several sessions to fully observe and collect the amount of information that the subject requires. Also, within the participant observation, there are two modalities that you must first define: passive or active observation

Why are observation skills important?

importance of observation

Skills are important in transforming prior knowledge into increasingly complete and sophisticated learning. As I mentioned before, knowledge is constant and dynamic. The opportunities for everyone have to use their higher thinking skills, the better their chances of generating better knowledge.

Remember again that at some point we ventured, as parents or as teachers to implement in our daily activities. It develops basic thought processes such as observation, comparison, relationship, classification, description, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. They will be useful and useful in getting to build and organize their knowledge. In this way, they will develop their intelligence (and we will also learn a little).

Peoples are capable of learning and teaching many things. They need to have much higher expectations and generate opportunities to reach their maximum development without forcing them.

I think we should not be afraid to teach things that they may learn by thinking they will not be able. On the contrary, we should awaken in them all those skills that are dormant to generate more knowledge and not forget that learning can also be fun.

This task must not be done statically, keeping us from a unique point of view. But continuously varying the angle of observation. Ask twenty people to describe a scene they attended simultaneously. I admired that many things that you had not seen have happened and others saw them.

possibilities of attention

What conclusion does this fact suggest?

Certainly, we cannot accept another idea than this: reality varies for each one according to the possibilities of attention and observation. That is why it has been said the power of observation skills. Discover in it things that are beyond appearances and the obvious. The only spirits of great acuity and sensitivity manage to discover. So it can be said that what we forget is what we never observe or understand at all. Be a leader by getting good observation power and stay stressful.

Kendrick Brown

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