Why do i always think negative? Here is the solution

If you are one of those who tends to focus on the negative of a situation, stop blaming yourself and victimize it, because in doing so, paradoxically, you would be incurring the same thing you want to avoid. Here, I will explain Why do I always think negative. 

The first step to bring about a change, as in any area, is to be aware of what hurts you. So, in some way, recognize your tendency to see the gray world, honor you, and help you make a turn in your life.

Why do i always think negative

The problem is that many times you end up feeling bad (frustrated, sad, anxious, terrified, angry, etc.) without really knowing why, and then you realize that you have been taking minutes, even hours and days, constantly generating negative thoughts.

Why do I always think negative?

That takes its toll, yes or yes. T oda negative emotion is preceded by a negative thought. You can be aware, or not, of what you have thought, but your negative feeling originates in a negative interpretation of the circumstances.

This means that you can train yourself to detect yourself by making a negative reading of reality and, without punishing yourself, accept that you have gone the gray way.

Then, try to create a new, more benevolent version of what you are living. Realistic, but more positive.

It is not a matter of denying that there are obstacles, difficulties, disappointments or adverse situations. Exist.

The proposal to be happy is rather aimed at managing these negative stimuli of the environment in a more effective way.

How? It is cushioning your weight, emphasizing the positives that often go unnoticed.

Why do i always think negative

If you have identified yourself with the title of this article, it is because you have been here for a long time, probably years, stuck in the same circuit of thought, from which you do not know how to leave since you have done it automatically and unconsciously.

Do you understand, then, how important it is in your case that you try to compensate for the mental predisposition that you have?

As when you incorporate a new habit into your life, at first, it seems strange, it takes effort, but if you give continuity, after a month of small new actions, you begin to feel that the change appears.

Seeing the positive side of things is not something reserved for a few privileged minds, who were born that way, or who developed in a family environment that empowered them.

I’m not going to deceive you, undoubtedly, there are those who have an advantage; but you are on time. The cerebral plasticity is already demonstrated, and you can generate new brain connections, changing your mental activity, if you exercise yourself in it.

Let’s see some of the practices that can help you dilute this tendency:

Daily collection of positive events

# Daily collection of positive events to assess

Do not wait for optimism to come naturally and spontaneously.

If you want to reverse the inclination to see the negative side of things, you need to consciously do a daily exercise, in which you can stop actively looking for 5 to 10 positive elements of that day.

As you intuit, it does not need to be great things, not even someone else to value it like you.

The only important thing is that you record in a document all that is worth pointing out because it generates some positive emotion (to some degree).

When you have been doing it for a month, you will be able to verify the immense amount of positive and rewarding things that you have experienced, and how blind you were before.

Weekly message of gratitude

# Weekly message of gratitude

The format is secondary; it can be a WhatsApp, an email, a letter, a note or a few words. Choose the one you prefer and the more it suits the situation.

Connect emotionally with the feeling of gratitude. Feeling grateful to someone for what he has shared with you, what he has done for you, what has helped you, what he has told you, etc.

The mere fact of thinking of someone or something that you feel fortunate for , and also being able to express it in the form of “thank you,” will make you much more aware of the beautiful experiences you are having, and how comforting that is.

Commit yourself

# Commit yourself to “the good of the bad”

This task is a real challenge in some occasions, I admit it. It is so complicated to see the gentle side of certain life events, that we end up habitually complaining, getting angry, frustrating or depressed when life goes dark.

However, once these adverse events appear, some even traumatic, we can always see some learning or development of skills later.

In any case, it is not necessary that they be made of such magnitude to exercise us in finding the good from the bad.

It is enough that a traffic jam appears, a wheel that is punctured, a favorite dress that breaks at the last moment, a friend that disappoints, money that we counted on vanishes, and many other negative everyday situations that lend themselves to being watched from another angle.

How good could these circumstances be? Could I buy time to listen to music in the jam? Could I start changing my savings system after the unforeseen? Could new and positive changes be generated from these setbacks?

positive tree

# Arm yourself to the most positive tree

It is a fact, living with people who emanate positivity, awakens in your emotions and similar thoughts.

Now, you have to bear in mind that, if you tend to be negative, these medicine people (positive), may try to get you out of the tunnel, but it is also possible that they end up making you Cobra and flee from you.

So, get involved, immerse yourself with these people who awaken joy and good weather in their wake.

Observe their pattern of thought, notice how they turn around the problems and their great capacity to value every little thing positively.

If you have someone like that in your environment, you have a gift, surely you know it. Be receptive to their proposals, do not do a pulse, trying to prove that the pessimistic version is the one that, in the end, triumphs.

Let the positive possibility that suggests you enter.

And again, feel lucky to have run into a person with this style of thinking.

Keep training, keep going!

Kendrick Brown

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