Using your mobile phone to learn a new language.

It is a very important skill to be able to speak another language. Sadly, due to the legacy of the British Empire British people are not that inclined to learn a second language as they have the misguided opinion that everyone “speaks English” abroad. Whilst this is broadly true due to the fact that English is the language of air traffic control but mainly more to do with the influence of North America on the globe. Even so it is still a very good idea to have German or French to at least a conversational level. These too are waning in terms of importance compared to that of Spanish or Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.

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Help is at hand get an upgraded phone from a Vodafone Store Ireland way that you have found via and you are ready to begin. There are several ways to learn a new language on your phone. On the Google playstore you will find a variety of paid and free ads for language learning tools that will speak and show sentence and word examples for you to copy and try for yourself.

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Having a second language is a brilliant skill to have when it comes to job interviews and can allow you to make a real niche for yourself in a company that requires it. It may even be a good idea to specialise and go out of the mainstream by learning Russian or Polish.  With our leaving the EU it may be that our European partners will be less inclined to speak our language. Better to be prepared.