Exhausted mothers: the burnout syndrome

Exhausted mothers– We want to have everything under control and, when it seems that we achieve it, we succumb to exhaustion. Reconciling work, family, couple, home, friends … is an increasingly common problem. Our lives are occupied as we turn years. And more responsibilities appear and we want to fulfill all of them. This is one of the reasons why we may end up suffering from the burnout syndrome.

Among the most affected by this syndrome are the fathers and mothers. Who sometimes see their interests annulled in favor of their children’s. If it is your case, the time has come to act. If we neglect, paradoxical as it may seem. we will end up exhausted, without strength. And also neglecting our children.

Exhausted mothers affected by burnout syndrome

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This syndrome involves experiencing one stress intense and damaging. Because of failed attempts to reconcile the parental life, social or care for oneself. Often. It is a problem that affects mothers, since they are the ones who have traditionally taken care of their children. Fortunately, more and more parents exercise as such in the full extent of their role, although this means that they too are affected by stress.

Exhausted mothers are identified as experiencing high levels of stress due to their failed attempts to reconcile parental, social or self-care life.

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The burnout syndrome  that characterizes exhausted mothers is essentially that, a very acute or chronic stress that is generated when you have the feeling that everything overflows, that everything is done wrong, that you do not have control over anything. Feeling stress keeps us alive, is the result of adrenaline segregation or cortisol, hormones that in the past helped us stay alive. Or be prepared to run for our lives in front of a predator. The problem comes when this threat does not really exist.

Today the causes of our stress are very different, but our body continues to prepare us for primitive situations of survival. That is why it is essential to establish our priorities well.

What are the causes of this syndrome?

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As we have already indicated, the main cause of the burnout syndrome is the stress generated by attempts to reconcile. Or reconcile the most important aspects of our life. Family, friends, work, our intimate life … are essential for us, and not being able to reconcile them all, without falling into carelessness, generates frustration and anger.

Although it may seem ridiculous, we often think that we are able to go to work early, attend to children, have a healthy life together, reunite the family once a week, go out at night with friends. And, also, rest placidly Unfortunately. We are not superheroes or super heroines: we  need to learn to organize our time from a real perspective .

Exhausted mothers need to organize their time from a real perspective to combat the burnout syndrome they experience.

So, how do we detect it?

Knowing if we are exhausted mothers suffering from this syndrome is simple. If it affects us, we will not be able to reconcile sleep well. We will think with obsession in the free time that we do not have, we will blame people in our environment for the problems. We prefer to isolate ourselves and leave social life aside to take a break and doze on the couch. This will lead to isolation: loved ones can stop counting on us, precipitating that we feel alone and guilty.

How to act in the face of burnout syndrome ?

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To solve the problem, it is key that:

  • Let us accept that we can not do everything : we are not capable of doing everything we would like. Sometimes we think we have time for both responsibilities and leisure, and it is not always true.
  • This entails, of course, delegating our obligations . We should not be afraid to leave responsibilities in the hands of others when our health is at stake. In this way, we can rest and resume when we are more willing.
  • Although it is not a dish of good taste, it can not always be delegated, and this entails giving up some of our wishes . If we do not have time to clean and fix the house, maybe we can not afford a bigger one. Or as much as children want, if we do not have time for ourselves, it may not be a good idea to adopt a pet.
  • To order our life, we must first order our mind, that is, establish priorities . There may be aspects of our life that seem fundamental to us and, in reality, are not. It is important to think about what we could do without.
  • Do not blame yourself (or others) . The guilt is a feeling that prevents us forward and that blocks us. Remember that, although our intentions are good when we try to reconcile, if the goal is not met, we must remove the temptation to blame us. Instead, it would be good for us to try to come up with solutions, as well as to avoid blaming the people around us, even if doing so allows us a momentary discharge.

We should not feel unsuccessful because we do not have everything under control. Our mind has more room than our hands, and that is not bad . In fact, our main objective should be to find time to enjoy those little moments, both in solitude and with others, find peace and transmit it to the people around us.

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