How To Finish The Day To Manage Your Life

Start the day right to change the life. But it is also important to finish the day correctly.

This gives a certain attitude, a mood for the next day prepares you for bed and a full night’s rest raises the level of your resource.

Required minimum of a successful finish the day

These are the basic principles that you need to know and apply absolutely to everyone if you want to get enough sleep and get up rested.

  • Do not swear and do not figure out the relationship before going to bed. If you need to discuss an important issue, move the conversation to an earlier time.

No wonder they came up with a saying: “The morning is wiser than the evening”. Important issues should be solved on a fresh head, and new ideas usually come in the morning.

How To Finish The Day To Manage Your Life

  • Do not watch TV (news, talk shows), films with cruel content (horror movies, thrillers, thrillers).

Those who go to a certain level of awareness in their lives, generally cease to watch TV. But if you have not gotten rid of this habit, try not to do it at least for an hour before going to bed.

Your goal, in this case, is to calm the mind, bring yourself into a harmonious state, and the TV excites the brain and takes energy.

  • Do not work late; do not take work at home, even if the deadlines are on.

From my own experience, I realized that this is useless. If the brain was active during the day, more than 8 hours, then there is a high probability of making mistakes, it’s trite of fatigue.

Show yourself love, care, no work is not worth your sacrifice.

  • Learn to set boundaries.

Inform your surroundings that you do not answer calls and SMS after 9 pm, for example.

Evening time should be devoted to yourself and the family. We spend most of the time outside the house, so do not let these valuable watches be taken away from the family. Take care of creating peace and harmony in the house.

How To Finish The Day To Manage Your Life

And even if your loved ones are concerned or excited after a hard day, your presence, when you are level, will help them to tune in to this wave.

Compliance with these simple conditions creates the right mood for a harmonious finish the day, increases your vitality, creates a sense of safety and well-being, reduces the amount of stress in your life.

If you did not know about these simple principles or did not apply them, try to enter them on your normal day, and in a few weeks you will not know your life – so it will change for the better.

If you are striving for more, want to model your future and manage your life, follow the recommendations below.

How to finish the day correctly. Recommendations for modeling the future

1. Thank the last day

The first thing that must be done before bedtime, to thank the outgoing day for everything that he gave you.

It does not matter if they were positive events or with a minus sign, in any situation value and wisdom are enclosed, even if you have not yet seen it.

The only practice of gratitude, when you start it and end the day, is capable of doing miracles and unraveling the most difficult circumstances.

If you do not believe, read what the role of gratitude is in your life.

How To Finish The Day To Manage Your Life

2. Recall your achievements for the day

Evening time before bedtime is a great time to fix what you have done in a day.

Remember at least 5 achievements, whether large or small.

For example, they wrung out 30 times. For someone, it’s a mere trifle, and for me personally, this is an achievement since I always sabotage sports.

Record all such events, actions in your achievements diary. All that you yourself allowed or, conversely, stopped at the time, did not say too much, offended to a loved one, refrained from buying unnecessarily.

It is also possible to record important understandings if they were.

How To Finish The Day To Manage Your Life

3. Relax your body

Lying in bed before going to bed, try to achieve a deep relaxation of your body.

Start with your toes, feet, gradually moving all over your body. Just fix your attention on every part of the body and relax it.

If at first, it is difficult to relax, go through the intention. Speak to yourself: “My feet, shins, knees are relaxed” and pay attention to your feelings at this moment.

Do the same with hands, back, waist, chest, neck, face muscles.

If you have an inner vision, scan each organ for blocks, tension, painful sensations.

Typically, the body after such a procedure envelops a wave of heat. This practice helps to relax and quickly fall asleep. And if you fill every part of the body and organ with golden light, then there will be a healing effect.

This practice teaches us to love our body. If you have difficulties with this, then use it in a constant mode before going to bed, and the body will start responding to your care.

How To Finish The Day To Manage Your Life

4. Ask your spiritual guides for guidance on the right path

This may be a general request for higher spiritual guidance: “Please show me my true path”, or more specifically if you are concerned about some issue.

How To Finish The Day To Manage Your Life

5. Send your on-air twin to training

The main secret and convenience of this practice are that you do not need to consciously go to meditation, temples in higher dimensions, for example, to heal; you can send your etheric twin there for the night.

And the knowledge and effects that you want to get will be unpacked at the right time in a waking state.

6. Use the night for spiritual work

In principle, the above recommendations are sufficient for a successful finish the day.

But if we are talking about modeling the future, then you can go further and go to night in any accessible temple in higher dimensions, into the personal pyramid of Light and Force or work out the situation before going to sleep in one of the meditations.

How To Finish The Day To Manage Your Life

It all depends on what goal you set for yourself.

Correctly finish the day, you rewrite all events with a negative tint and raise the overall level of your vibrational signature.

You align with the flow of the universe and create such a life and the circumstances that you want to live.

Ashlyn Walker

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