Simple self-care practices for busy moms

Busy moms-More and more people are beginning to realize that personal care is not a matter of selfishness . On the contrary, taking care of one is the first step to take good care of others. If you are a mother or father, this statement makes even more sense. This article focuses on self-care practices for moms, especially for busy moms. Those that when they put on the “supermamá” suit forget about themselves.

It is time to move away that popular belief among many women that, as their family is above all, devoting time and resources to themselves is a selfish act. As a mother you must be clear that to take care of your children you have to take care of yourself, that to love your children you have to love yourself. What would you be teaching them then?

Self-care is a fundamental part of any wellness routine. But it’s more than taking care of yourself on the outside. It is mostly a health issue. Self-care covers many aspects of our life. From the practical to the physical and mental and, of course, the spiritual . Therefore, each one must define what self-care means for himself. That is, what aspects of your life you want to take care of.

Creating moments of self-care for busy moms

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We will not try to convince you how important it is that you pamper your skin or your hair, that you take care of what you eat or that you exercise. You already know that. What we want is to give you strategies and tools so that you reconnect with yourself, so that you recharge your batteries and keep going.

We agree that for mothers dedicating time for personal care can be especially complex.  And it’s because finding time is almost impossible. That is why the challenge is to create it, to invent it. Yes, it is a matter of creativity .

It is about turning the moments in which you do not do anything in particular in moments for personal care. Learn to differentiate what is important from what is not. Invest those minutes and do something to your benefit. You can also take some time from other tasks and invest it in yourself. Be creative and listen to your body. Learn to relax and rest.

Next we will see a series of self-care practices focused on busy moms . They are practices that you can incorporate into your day to day, without excuses of time. You just have to find a few minutes to put them into practice and return to your center.

Put your legs up

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Lifting your legs will not only help you feel less heavy  or fight against the inflammation caused by various health conditions. If you suffer from this condition you will notice a relief, at least momentary. If you want, close your eyes and leave your mind as blank as possible.

To put your legs up you just have to lie on the bed or on a carpet (even on the floor). Then, support the feet with your legs bent or stretched on the wall or on a chair, the headboard of the bed … or whatever suits you. You can also, you can raise the legs without support. The more you raise your legs and the more you stretch them, the better . But if you can not, nothing happens. Listen to your body and take your legs as far as you can or feel comfortable.

Practice abdominal breathing

self-care practices for busy moms

Practicing abdominal breathing is the first step to learning to relax . In addition, one of the most recommended techniques in self-care for busy  moms. By focusing on the movement of the abdomen, we get the diaphragm down. This will make the breathing deeper. This type of breathing decreases stress . In addition, it favors the oxygenation of the organism.

To start, sit in a comfortable position or lie on your back. Close your eyes and place your hands on your belly. Inhale through your nose and feel the belly expand like a balloon. Exhale and notice how the belly approaches the spine. Repeat several times, making each breath cycle longer and deeper.

If you feel especially stressed or agitated, hold the air for a few seconds after inhaling and exhaling. If you can not do it the first time, do not worry. Try again. If you do it intentionally and correctly, in three or four breaths you will have calmed down. You can do 3 cycles of 5 abdominal breaths each. Between cycle and cycle, leave a minute of rest.

Enjoy a hot tea

Drinking hot tea in solitude and in silence is one of the great gifts that you can make throughout the day. Make it a ritual (mid-morning or mid-afternoon) and this habit will become your great ally throughout the day.

You can make an organic culture infusion, with which you feel you can connect. Depending on the time of day and your tolerance to caffeine (teína), as well as your needs for that moment, you can choose different teas. Choose one with healthy properties that you feel will do you good. If silence overwhelms you or you feel that thoughts saturate your mind, accompany your ritual with a video or audio guided meditation or visualization . Feel each sip, focus on the sensations and breathe.

Other simple self-care practices for busy moms

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There are other simple practices that you can implement in self-care. It is ideal to include a morning yoga practice to start the day (just 15-20 minutes) . If you can dedicate a few minutes to meditation or mindfulness, better yet. Maybe you have to get up early for this, but it’s worth it. If you can not do it at the end of the day to go to bed relaxed.

Although we have discussed it above in the beginning, in your daily routine you can not miss time for your personal physical care. What you do depends on what you value. What matters is that you do not stop doing what you like to take care of you because all the time you dedicate it to everything else . Try not to leave your exercise self-care routine outside. The case is that you organize your day to be able to dedicate a few minutes to the exercise, inside or outside the house, in the gym or outdoors.

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