How To Fall In Love With A Man?

Before you fall in love with a man, you need to understand the principle of love. Most likely, you yourself, probably, have been in love more than once and remember that this state is like an obsession when the brain turns off and basically your instincts are in charge. Love blinds and stuns. Interested only in the object of desire. In other words, it is possible to say that being in love is an obsession of the brain on some object.

To fall in love with a man, you need to make sure that his brain is focused on the thoughts about you. And in order to achieve this, you will have to work hard and come up with unobtrusive ways to make the man behave towards you, as already in love, and then he will really fall in love with you. You deceive his mind.

How To Fall In Love With A Man?

Wrong methods you can use when you want to make a man fall in love

When you try to make a guy fall in love with you, you think a lot about it. You strive to become the best for him, care about him, pay a lot of attention. You try to be smart, mysterious, interesting, match the ideal. What happens at this time? You give too much time and thought to the process and your brain loops on it. As a result, he does not fall in love with you, you fall in love with him! He sees everything and it consoles his pride. He is pleased to see how you break into a cake.

You need to conquer him so that he thinks that it is he who conquers you. Outwardly, the initiative should come only from him, at a minimum, he should be sure of this.

To make it easier for you, treat the process as a game! Apply your skills to several men at once. Then you will not give extra importance to the process, worry and strain.

How to fall in love with a man

Interest and forming an image about yourself

In the beginning, the girl’s communication is like a white sheet for a guy, and it depends only on her that he will think about her and how to perceive her. You need to build real facts about yourself in a favorable light. Exaggerate them, distort them, with the goal of creating intrigue around them. Let it all happen in a mysterious and humorous form. Think of non-standard answers to standard questions when meeting. For example, what do you do, who do you work for, what kind of education do you have, etc. With this approach, the man will not send you to a certain niche in his head and will not compare with other women.

Your goal will be remembered, to cause his interest to know you further. A man is interested in not only the image but also the presentation.

Do not complain and do not complain! You are optimistic, everyone likes you, everyone wants to communicate with you.

How To Fall In Love With A Man?

Do not appear easily affordable

When a man is interested in you, show that you need to fight for you, you need to do something for you to gain hope of having sex with you. You must be accessible to him and inaccessible to others! But this does not mean that it is 100% affordable so that it does not relax. Just show that it was he who hooked you and he has a chance. Think up several levels and encourage that the man passes them correctly. Compliments, flowers, gifts, other actions. When he does everything right, admire him, give thanks.

When does he realize that you are available to him and, in order to get you, you need to make an effort, he will begin to evaluate your other qualities and consider the personality in you, wonder if the game is worth the candle? And here he wonders how others, his entourage, friends, relatives will appreciate you.

Joint situations

Much more do not talk in cafes, but situations experienced together. Together to play something, to search, to do something. The more extreme and emotional, the better. Be a part of his hobby, have fun and be active. It brings together very much. This is also a good chance to get to know each other. Restaurants and cafes will be effective later when mutual feelings appear, and in the initial stages and dates, it is better to spend time more actively.

Love it his environment

Try to establish a common language with its space, and it will begin to help you.

How To Fall In Love With A Man?

SMS Rules 

  1. Answer the first SMS in 30 minutes. The following messages are answered after a period of two times longer than you waited for the answer.
  2. Write short SMS; let them be shorter than him. Responding to “poems”, you show your excessive interest. If possible, do not use emotions, introductory words, greetings.
  3. Each SMS should have a goal, for example, to cause emotions, intrigue, jealousy, make it act, cause a desire to meet. But the purpose of SMS cannot be just to inform.

Create situations in which he will act like a lover

Above, we wrote that it is possible to deceive a man’s consciousness, and when he acts as a lover, he will really fall in love. How a man in love behaves is known to many.

Turn on the imagination. He should be jealous of you to others. So you need to create the appearance of competition. But remember, you should not be a clear initiator. You are a victim. They take care of you, they want to lead you away, etc.

Make him think about how to conquer you. Just provoke. Ask him a question: How do you think, how could you fall in love with me? No one has ever succeeded. ”

Intrigue him so he constantly thinks about you. Make him look after you, bring him to emotions. Make him apologize.

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