Common Causes of Male Pattern Baldness

Although male pattern baldness is extremely common in older and middle-age men, it can happen at any age too. Most men only notice the earliest symptoms of male pattern baldness — including generalized thinning or a receding hairline or diffuse baldness — in their forties and fifties. However, if you’ve noticed your hairline slowly drifting backwards, your head’s edge getting even thinner or a few more hairs in your comb or brush. Then you may be suffering from male-pattern baldness.

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There are a number of ways that this type of baldness can be dealt with. For some it may be medication to help improve the levels of testosterone and other hormones in the body that are responsible for hair growth.

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In other cases it will be a case of finding a way to deal with the symptoms of the hair loss. Some men prefer to use wigs to cover up the areas of hair that have been lost and some will shave the rest of their hair to match. One other option is Scalp Micropigmentation offered by companies like His Hair Clinic. The beauty of treatments like this is that they can begin by helping to improve the look of areas where you are starting to lose your hair and can then be worked over larger areas if needed later on.

Other than medical conditions, genetics is still the most common cause of male pattern baldness and this often passes down through the generations.