Most elements to encourage emotional creativity

Emotional creativity is the mental ability of people to transform emotions in a unique way, as well as adapt and develop new emotional scenarios. Emotional intelligence is nourished by intrinsic qualities and abilities of the human being, creativity is an essential element for personal development.

In the context of emotional intelligence, according to E. Emotional creativity can be described as that process or faculty that allows finding novel solutions based on known information and that opens up, not only the possibility of solving a known problem, it also implies the possibility of discovering a problem where the rest of the people do not see it.

Considerations on emotional creativity, mentions that there are two types of extrinsic and intrinsic motivations. The first refers to the system of motives linked to the realization of the activity and to the value that the person gives to the result, as a product of their own, as a manifestation of success or realization of their personality.

In as much the extrinsic motivations are the system of reasons of the personality that impel and direct the activity towards real objects or situations or their ideal representations, with the purpose of obtaining the recognition of the social group or labor organization. This second extrinsic sphere is oriented to the compensation of the effort.

What is emotional creativity?

encourage emotional creativity

We could write in this article many definitions to describe Emotional Creativity , especially because we talk about something as subjective as creativity and emotions, but to discover it we will begin to give the following touches:

Emotional creativity is the mental ability of people to transform, experiment and express combinations of original, effective and honest emotions to generate ideas, as well as adapt and develop new emotional scenarios providing a differential value to what was planned.

From our point of view we like to land these types of “dictionary paragraphs” and find examples or metaphors that are much more commonplace to translate and make the theory we want to convey more comprehensible. In this case we would like to define this concept with something that many of us have very close:

The Emotional Creativity is the resulting nutrient after introducing in a thermometer , in equal parts, the Creative Intelligence and the Emotional Intelligence, …. programming at a spoon speed, turn left, at aroma temperature for a few minutes. ”

If you want to delve a little more about Emotional Creativity through this kind of everyday examples, I invite you to explore a little theory that we are working on

The threshold theory of the relationship between intelligence and creativity states that although creativity requires a certain amount of intelligence, once it increases above the threshold level, the relationship between creativity and intelligence is only moderate, if it exists.

Here are most elements to encourage emotional creativity:

 Psychological climate. The creative subject relies on others, communicates inter personally with openness and oriented to practical results. Your satisfaction is knowing that your part in a team effort is worth the support of your colleagues; in this sense creativity emanates from a group collaboration.

Acceptance of risk. The creative capacity is linked to versatile thinking, while the more rigid and schematic is thinking in search of “logical” solutions, the less likely there is to be a creative idea. The creative individual is committed to a more flexible thinking and the use of all their imaginative capacity.

 Feeling of security. When the creativity of the subject is capitalized into a successfully accomplished fact, there will be a feeling of wanting to repeat that feeling. Self-confidence, acceptance level and self-motivation will be qualities that will be fostered in an innate way.

Control and mastery of capabilities. Being creative is an indisputable component for success, however not all ideas can work. Be tolerant of frustration is an aspect that will develop, the subject understood in emotional intelligence will take the negative as an opportunity to not give up and bend efforts.

Emotional education and creativity development

elements to encourage emotional creativity

Can there be creative act without emotion? What is the relationship between emotions and creativity? Through emotions we feel in harmony and ‘attune’ with our own being and in our inter-personal relationships. We dissociate ourselves by experiencing destructive emotions or when what we think of what we feel and the way we act come into conflict. Emotions permeate our existence and although there is a certain effort to ignore it … they are decisive in the daily life of schools, in the ‘classroom climate’, in how we teach and learn and in letting (or not) flow creativity . I share some reflections on these issues, arising from an article that I published recently in the collective work education emotional.

According to Gestalt Therapy

In any creative collaboration between people, the greatest effectiveness is not achieved by establishing a pact full of harmony between individual interests, nor leaving aside such individual interests in order to achieve the initially planned goal. Rather, (insofar as they maintain contact and sincerely are directed toward the best creative achievement), the more clearly they differ and talk about it, the more likely they are to collectively produce a better idea than they would have individually . So in games, it is competition that makes players surpass themselves. ( The problem with neurotic competitiveness is not the competition but the fact that the competitor is not interested in the game.) Now also, in the creative act of a single person, for example in a work of art or theory, is the confrontation of disparate, irreconcilable elements that suddenly leads to a creative solution. Thus a scientist seeks evidence that refutes his theory.

Conflict as a path to trust

best emotional creativity

And in the same way you can observe a conflict as painful and at the same time motivating. It is not intelligent to want to appease it, nor suppress it or even want to interpret it since that would prevent the resolution of it causing weakness and limiting the person to their own ability to use the tools available to them. In this way, understanding creativity as the ability to adapt to the novelties that appear in the environment, emotional creativity, will provide the tools to the person to identify with the changes. This attitude will be accompanied by an emotion that opposes the feeling of security: faith. The person absorbed in resolving the conflict obtains its resources from its fund of experiences and has faith that this fund will be adequate.

Emotional creativity to overcome difficulties

top emotional creativity

With this, what is sought in emotional creativity is that the person realizes that through the difficulties that his personal, family or work life can offer him, he has the adequate resources to be able to overcome them by leaning on the other and continue to develop his lifetime. For this, emotional creativity is complemented through:

  • training in horizontal group facilitation,
  • all personal learning from a doctoral thesis,
  • the vital experience of having coordinated a section of the Spanish Association of Project Management and Management ,
  • have given workshops in different countries such as Australia, Turkey or Argentina,
  • to have valued all this by also doing different activities that have nourished me as a professional and vitally (such as hitchhiking along the east coast of Australia and develop an activity as unique as the agoraterapia ),
  • get the positive side of all the jobs I’ve had,
  • and acquire a quality to teach it to others: the resilience.

And most importantly, in being able to accompany others on this path, it is not what I can contribute to the other, but the greatest treasure I get in my life: every authentic encounter that arises with people, groups or organizations that allow me to continue learning and realizing the greatness of living and feeling.

Discover and explore emotional creativity

the emotional creativity

Aware of the paradigm shift we are living, we believe that personal and professional development based on processes of emotional creativity is an opportunity to build a new, more sustainable and more imaginative society.

For this reason we launched this informative initiative with the idea of ​​stimulating the creative abilities of those -students, professionals, entrepreneurs, teachers, restless, etc- who wish to explore their creative processes from the perspective and dialogue of different disciplines related to a new concept of innovative society.

Finally, emotional creativity is one that is related to the management of emotions both professionally and personally and that directly affects the choices made by both a person and a group constantly.

Roger Walker

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