Although it may seem exaggerated, many researchers are already warning that there are many people with mobile phones who are suffering physical and psychological problems such as anxiety, heart palpitations, and sweats when they forget their mobile phone at home, their prepaid card stays at zero, they are left without […]

Why is it important What makes an employee effective? In many respects, it depends on the work that he performs. For the surgeon, the accuracy of movements is important, for the caregiver in the kindergarten – care and understanding, for the accountant – mindfulness and scrupulousness, for the sales manager […]

The problems related to anger are a frequent reason for consulting professionals in psychology. There are even therapists who are specialized only in the control of anger and aggressiveness. A fact that tells us that it is something that affects many people. How to control anger? This is precisely what […]

Nobody avoids the importance of time management. The Effective Management of Time is one of the key points on the road towards the search for effective management and an efficient company. When looking for an improvement in the execution of the processes, we have to take into account the saying […]