How to Stop Being Self Centered? Follow These Strategies

Experts warn that the individualism that plagues our society is stealthily introduced into families. Having two or more televisions at home, leisure de-familiarization, consider the room as a kind of private apartment. The marriage only speaks of the children, or that family members no longer even dine together, are increasingly common scenes. The latest issue provides tips on how to stop being self centered to prevent spouses or parents and children from being perfect strangers even while living on the same roof:

How to stop being self-centered?

Learn to waste time with the people we love (spouse, children …) and have fun together. Do something that the other likes or doing nothing, but together!


Knowing how to talk with a baby, with a four-year-old child or with a thirteen-year-old child, with a teenager, with a tired, irritated, tense husband, or with a tired, hypersensitive, and needy wife showing signs of affection. Above all, knowing how to listen to have heart-to-heart dialogues regularly.

Train well

The counsellor encourages wanting to know more, and more about what the family is, what its operating principles and laws are. Read and study how any major project is approached.

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Distinguish the changeable from the non-negotiable

We must discern what can be changed from the family customs that our elders lived, and what is not modifiable. What touches the principles and essence is not negotiable.

Acquire new customs

The expert proposes in the central theme of the Mission to discover new customs. It will respond to those essential principles and values, and that perhaps our ancestors did not live and are still to be discovered.

Prepare a family project

In the report, Those families that make things happen, we propose an innovative method for a marriage to strengthen the principles on which to build your family: the Family Project. It explains what you have to write a justification, formulate objectives, select appropriate means to achieve them, planning stages, and define evaluation procedures.

Correct without destroying

Resorting to constructive criticism is more profitable than reproach. The report Is there constructive criticism? He explains that, for example, when a child is doing something that costs him, it is not as effective to say “it is very easy” as: “It is not easy, right? But surely you can do it”; or that showing the consequences of the acts is a good substitute for punishment. For example, if a child refuses to snack and then is hungry, do not give him anything until dinner to realize his mistake, explaining it to him.

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Resort to Family Orientation

For before and after family crises, it is the title of the report that proposes to resort to Family Guidance Centers as an accompaniment to families not only when they have problems between marriage or with children but as a constant tool. It provides new possibilities to educate. Exercise authority and better understand love in marriage and in the family.

Play with the children

Many parents watch their children play the moment they can rest like children. They do not know the importance of playing as a family. Uniting, promoting communication, cooperating, knowing how to win, and assuming defeat, educating, enjoying laughing. Meeting family members are some effects of playing with children. It explains the report. Do we play together?

Take advantage of the summer

As the Mission cover story concludes, without the need to make many plans or spectacular trips. Summer is an ideal time to rethink our family life project and take the pulse of our marriage and our coexistence with children.

Roger Walker

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