How to Impress an Unknown Girl? Simple Tricks that Work

You have just seen a girl in a bar or disco, and you realize that as soon as you see her, you have been completely captivated by her beauty and would like to ask her to go out with her alone.

How to impress an unknown girl? You must be especially careful if you want to know how to reach an unknown woman since any minimal mistake can be made difficult with your attempt to get closer to her.

How to impress unknown girl?

It is important that you keep in mind that trying to conquer an unknown woman is not the same as a woman you have known for a long time. Wherever you are, help yourself with the following steps to find out how to reach an unknown woman.

how to impress unknown girl

Success is assured! It is obvious that the level of trust between her and you is completely nil, so you should start earning her appreciation and trust so she can see you as something else.

Step 1. If you realize that it is inaccessible or you have your boy by your side, do not bother trying. However, if you perceive that he does not stop looking at you and plays with his hair, he is interested in you. In that case, come closer to greet her.

Step 2. When you approach, look for any evidence of whether you have a boyfriend. A ring, a pendant, earrings, or any other detail. Sneakily ask: ‘What beautiful earrings, did your boyfriend give them to you?’ If she has a boyfriend, forget to have something with her.

Step 3. If you don’t have a boyfriend, give him your phone number to call you if he is interested in going out with you. It is important that you always carry a piece of paper and a pen. Avoid having the number already written before, or it will be suspicious. Do not ask for her number. If she likes you, she will give you her.

Step 4. Go to the point and ask him to stay on Saturday night. If she tells you that she cannot and does not know when she will be available, forget her, since she is not interested. If you accept, remember to take care of all the details so that it is an unforgettable city where she becomes a princess.

Tips for Your Appointment

Now you know how to reach a woman, now you have made the appointment with that unknown woman so special to you, but what should you keep in mind in this first date, as well as in all the others? The following tips will be very valuable:

  1. Smile when you talk to him, don’t be serious or bored
  2. Be good, like a gentleman, being respectful and polite
  3. Be calm and calm at all times, do not be nervous
  4. Look into her eyes directly. It shows your interest in her
  5. In the case of receiving your call, do not make it difficult, it is something they hate.

Thanks to these tips on how to impress an unknown girl, you will have a large part of the way traveled.

Roger Walker

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