How to Own Your Own Mind? 7 Strategies That Work Fine

If you know how to own your own mind, your mind will be the owner of your beliefs, actions and emotions and will direct your energy towards your own goals. As we all know, the mind is wonderful. The influence of our beliefs is almost unlimited. They shape the reality of our attitude and our emotional states. The psyche can be our greatest enemy or the perfect ally: we have to learn to use it in our favor. In this article, we present seven simple strategies to own your mind.

How to own your own mind?

Often we are not aware of the ability we have to lead our own lives only by learning to master our mental states. When you feel that circumstances overwhelm you, your mind may be the lighthouse that returns you to earth or the five-meter wave that ends up sinking. And only you have the power to decide which situation you choose. Therefore, start making intelligent use of your power. Also, these strategies help to mind your own business.

How to own your own mind

1. Exercise your mind

Just as you mobilize your physical resources to keep your body in shape, you have to mobilize your mental resources to favor your psychic state. Try to nourish your mind daily with information that you find interesting and wake up your critical thinking. Exercise your cognitive resources facing challenges that motivate you or try to get out of the routine.

An exercise as simple as changing the route you follow to get to work helps your mind to wake up and get going. Likewise, trying to use your left hand more (right in case you are left-handed) is an incentive for a mind accustomed always to do the same.

2. Be flexible

There are some people cognitively more rigid than others. We can all make an effort to become more flexible. In any situation, try to run away from dichotomies and sharp judgments and observe all points of view. Get used to broadening your sights, questioning your approaches and getting closer to those of others.

Examining other perspectives is always enriching. But, it predisposes our mind to find new ways and ways of doing things. A flexible mind always finds the opportunity instead of the problem.

3. Be your own emotional center

One of the greatest thieves of mental energy is to depend on the opinions of others. Trying to please everyone is unrealistic and unnecessary. Understand that you should only please yourself and that only you have to be the owner of your emotional states. When your happiness or sadness depends on the actions or comments of other people, you lose all control of your own mind.

4. Avoid complaints

Without being aware, we spend much of our day complaining about various issues. The weather, the economy, the behavior of others, how tired we are. This seemingly harmless behavior has a great impact on the state of our mind. It conditions us to have a negative and defeatist attitude because we are continually reminding ourselves of what does not work in our lives.

5. Thanks

Together with the previous point, the power of replacing the complaint with gratitude is shocking. Getting used to thank us helps us to be aware of the blessings that are already present in our lives. And it puts us in the position of receiving more of the same. A grateful mind is a positive mind, able to enjoy what you have and to pursue what you want. Able, in short, to detect and take advantage of opportunities to feel even better.

6. Be resilient

Resilience is the ability to emerge stronger from adverse situations. And it is one of the most valuable skills that a human being can develop since it helps him focus on teaching and not on pain. Every negative situation provides us with learning and helps us grow personally. Instead of being stuck in pain, try to extract a valuable lesson and move on stronger and wiser than before.

7. Set yourself goals and direct the power of your mind towards them

Nothing sharpens the mind as much as having a goal. Housing a purpose will launch all your cognitive resources and help you improve your self-esteem and self-efficacy. If you know where you want to go, it will be easier for you to focus your energy in that direction.

Roger Walker

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