10 tips to stop smoking in a definitive way

Quitting tobacco on your own initiative can be very difficult because it contains nicotine, a drug as addictive as heroin and cocaine, so we share 10 ways to resist the desire to stop smoking.

And the fact is that tobacco kills up to half of its consumers, according to data from the World Health Organization, a relevant reason to decide to abandon its consumption. However, the need to smoke can be very strong in most consumers. When the smoker tries to stop doing it, sometimes he assumes that nothing can be done to control the desire.

When you feel the need to consume, it is important to remember that the desire will possibly happen after 5 or 10 minutes, even if it is intense. And each time the person resists the desire, it is one step closer to abandoning the habit forever.

10 tips that will help resist the urge to stop smoking:

1. Try a nicotine replacement therapy

tips to stop smoking

Options include Nicotine with a prescription in an inhaler or nasal spray; Nicotine patches, chewing gum, and lozenges; Medications to stop smoking without nicotine, with a prescription, such as bupropion and varenicline. Short-term nicotine replacement therapies can help with intense cravings.

In the last decade, electronic cigarettes have attracted attention as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. However, more studies are needed to determine the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes to stop smoking and the long-term safety of those devices. We suggest you to learn how to prevent drugs in young people.

2. Avoid the triggers

The need to consume is usually stronger in situations and places where the smoker became accustomed to consuming tobacco more frequently, such as parties, bars, stressful situations or when drinking coffee. It is necessary to identify situations that trigger the desire and have a plan to avoid them altogether or overcome them without consuming. For example, in the habit of smoking, while talking on the phone or after drinking coffee, it is recommended to look for something to keep busy.

3. Delays the desire

When feeling the desire to smoke, it is recommended to force yourself to wait 10 more minutes and then do something to distract yourself during that time. Another recommendation may be too frequent smoke-free places.

4. Chew something

tips to stop smoking

Keeping your mouth busy to deal with the desire to consume tobacco is an excellent alternative. Chewing gum, eating hard candies without sugar or raw carrots, celery, nuts, sunflower seeds or crispy foods that satisfy you are other alternatives.

5. Do not smoke “just one”

The idea of ​​smoking only a cigarette to satisfy desire can be tempting, but it is necessary to be clear that it is a hoax, since one will not reach. Most of the time, lighting one cigarette leads to another, and in the end, it is possible that the person ends up falling back into consumption.

6. Do physical activity

stop smoking

Physical activity can help as a distraction and can reduce the intensity of the desire to smoke. Even a brief physical activity session, such as going up and down the stairs a couple of times, going for a walk after eating or jogging at least once a day, can make the desire to smoke tobacco disappear.

In the cases of people who work in the case or in an office, they can do push-ups, push-ups, push-ups, running in place or walking up and down stairs. For those who do not enjoy exercising, they can always do housework, some pending process, manual activities such as sewing or woodwork, among other options.

7. Practice relaxation techniques

 Cigarette smoking may have been a way of dealing with stress and resisting desire can be very stressful. Practice relaxation techniques, such as doing deep breathing exercises, relaxing muscles, doing yoga, visualizing, receiving massages or listening to relaxing music.

8. Ask for support

stop smoking

It is recommended to maintain contact with a relative, a friend or a member of a support group to resist the desire to use tobacco. Talk on the phone, go for a walk or meet someone to talk and laugh.

9. Look for help on the internet

Some people join online smoking cessation programs or read the blog of someone who publishes encouraging thoughts for those who try to stop using tobacco. On the internet, there are many options to learn from others who have controlled the desire to smoke.

10. Keep in mind the benefits

tips to stop smoking

One of the most important tips, while you stop smoking, is to have the reasons why you are doing it at hand. Write to them, read them out loud and watch them whenever you can. Some reasons may be: feel better; be healthier; avoid turning my loved ones into passive smokers; save money.

It is important to remember that trying to contain desires is always better than doing nothing. Every time the smoker resists the urge to smoke, he comes close to completely quitting tobacco.

Eliana Brown

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