How to learn to manage stress

Stress is something for sure you have gone on more than one occasion since it is a normal reaction of the body to circumstances that exceed it. Although stress is linked to the negative, also in situations of change that are positive, stress is generated. The dangerous thing is when it seizes and is established continuously in your life because it can cause illness. In order to enjoy good health, it is essential to learn to manage stress. We show you how!

The great load of daily tasks we have and the type of responsibilities with which we carry makes stress a regular companion in almost our day today. Changes, adversities, problems, discussions, toxic relationships, lack of understanding, changes, separations, etc. Everything accumulates, everything is part of our lives, nobody is safe. And that is why it becomes essential to learning resources that help us manage stress.

If you are wondering, what can I do to reduce my stress?and, above all, how can I stop being stressed before all the hustle and bustle in my life ?, You have to see that the first thing you have to attend to is your health, since you stay under conditions that usually cause you stress, surely, it will harm your physical and mental health. And to assist you in this sense there are things that you have to change . Above all attitudes and habits of life that are harming you.

As we will see below there are many ways to learn to manage stress, all of them have to do with healthy habits, attitudes, and behaviors that you have to modify little by little. First of all, you have to know that it requires effort and involvement on your part. Only you can change this, so if you care about your health and well-being, we encourage you to apply the following instructions for its management.

Identify stress and stop feeding itmanage stress

The first thing you have to consider to learn how to manage stress is to learn to identify it. This seems so obvious is something that is often difficult, especially if you are not very connected to your body. The first signs of stress appear through signs, such as a headache, increased anger, and irritability, stomach pain, etc. Surely there is some habitual pain or changes in your character that you can identify. For each person is different and lives differently, what are the signs that appear to you? Pay attention and you will discover it.

Once you have discovered the signs that appear to you when you have stress, the next step is to pay attention to what kind of things, people or situations are those that generate it. It can be your partner, personal relationships, your work, money, children, health problems, etc. For each person, this may be totally different, but you have to identify what are your sources of stress. This will help you understand where it comes from, so you can learn resources and generate strategies that help you deal with these stressful elements.

A very common mistake is to try to avoid stress with habits that harm our health, and even increase our anxiety generating more stress. Does not this make little sense? However, unfortunately, it is quite common. They are behaviors that help psychologically to relax, but physically they are destructive.

You may see yourself reflected in one of these habits if so, a solution to stop feeding your stress is to modify these behaviors:

–  Drink alcohol and use drugsmanage stress

– Unhealthy sleep habits, such as sleeping too much or resting too little

– Smoke tobaccomanage stress

– Foods rich in fat and in large quantities.

This type of behavior is what we resort to when we feel stressed. However, they are not adequate, and they also serve to nourish it even more, which is why they are counterproductive. We are relieved at first, but it is only our sensation that they are alleviating, physically they are shooting us towards an unstoppable loop of anxiety that is what leads us to suffer the consequences of stress.

Healthy techniques to manage stressmanage stress

The previous strategies we have seen to cope with stress are those that we must avoid so as not to feed them even more. The behaviors that must be learned and exercised to manage stress are those that are healthy, and those that they really help reduce stress.

You can use your own strategies, discovering what it is that relaxes you and helps you to feel at peace. Explore and connect with your needs, that way you will also get many strategies to increase your calm and reduce your anxiety. Below we provide some of the techniques you can try to reduce stress, and that does not install on you permanently. Choose and incorporate into your life those that best suit you. Apply them in your day to day and learn to manage stress! Do physical exercise: it is proven that this is one of the best techniques to deal with stress. Physical activity helps our brain to stop generating cortisol (the hormones associated with stress). And instead generates endorphins (hormones associated with well-being and relaxation). Exercising regularly brings us many benefits, among them releasing our negative energy that generates so much suffering and discomfort.

Meditatemanage stress

The practice of meditation has also been studied and highly recommended by health professionals to cope with stress and reduce it. Our habitual flow of thoughts generates anxiety, and meditation helps us to calm the noise of our mind. So that we focus on our needs and what really matters. TheSelf-knowledge helps us to understand ourselves better, to live more relaxed and in harmony with others.

Accept and recognize what you can not changemanage stress

There are many situations that arise in our lives that do not depend on us. Nor can we make everything go as we want or as we would like, all these are things that normally escape our control since there are many factors involved. Learning to accept means to stop fighting against the inevitable, being more flexible to change according to what can be presented. Accepting these situations we stop generating tension before them.

Change attitude and perspective

Our attitude can be both a great ally and a great enemy to deal with stress. That is why we must attend to what kind of attitude fits a better way of living the circumstances and the adversities that will inevitably arise. The adversity we experience them as learning or as a stressful struggle that has no end. We decided …

Breathing and relaxationmanage stress

Learning breathing techniques helps to concentrate and stay relaxed, especially when we need it most. In situations where we get angry or live at a rate that generates chronic fatigue. Through breathing, we can relax and eliminate tension show much discomfort they generate. Losing control is a symptom of not knowing how to relax. And when we lose control we rush directly into the depths of stress.

In conclusion, the basis for managing stress is often to change our habits, as suggested by the Create Health method. We must be aware that to combat stress is not enough just to learn to relax. But we need to nourish ourselves properly and get active doing things that contribute to our overall wellbeing.

Jeffrey Wilson

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