Dealing With a Wound That is Bleeding

In the event of a wound that is bleeding, the first step in dealing with the problem is removing any visible objects from the wound. The object can be anything, including a dirty object or rusty metal. After removing any visible objects, clean the area as best as possible with an antiseptic wipe and apply a clean cloth or towel directly to the wound. Then, apply pressure to the wound by pressing the material on the wound.

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To stop heavy bleeding, apply pressure to the area with the aid of sterile pads. Press down firmly with your hands. The blood will stop flowing when the pressure points are close to the heart. If the wound is deep enough, apply direct pressure to the wound. If the bleeding does not stop, keep applying pressure on the wound and apply a bandage until the person can be transported to the hospital or medical help arrives. If the casualty feels faint, make sure that they lie down and elevate their legs on a cushion or other object to get the blood flowing back to the heart and head. If you want to know more about Emergency First Aid Training Courses, visit Tidal Training

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Once the casualty has been stabilised, they should elevate the injured limb or body part if possible. This will reduce blood flow to the area. If it is an arm injury, apply an arm sling. If the wound is large, apply another bandage over the top. A sterile pad and medical tape is best for a small wound. If the wound is deep, apply more bandages and pressure.

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