How to overcome the afraid of dying?

It is normal to have a certain afraid of dying, especially if a dangerous situation arises, such as an accident or illness. Another very different thing is the phobia of one’s death.

The thanatophobia is a fear of persistent, abnormal and unwarranted death, and affects everyday life important way.  Without presenting symptoms, in today’s life, it is very common for people not to face reality that, at some point, death will reach us all. In many cases, we avoid these thoughts and understand how to manage fear in any situation.

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afraid of dying

How do the afraid of dying manifest?

Many experts say much of current human behavior is somehow influenced by “reality shows,” novels, stories, even video games. In this way, we carry “displacement activities” out, whose aim is to defend oneself from the clear awareness of what is inevitable.

However, all this only exacerbates and increases the fears and, when they manifest themselves, they can provoke situations of anxiety and anxiety, especially when faced with real situations in which we have to face a serious illness or personal situation or of a close being.

The fear of dying can also influence the development of our daily lives, and can make situations as normal as driving, traveling or even going on a trip are an important source of stress and anxiety that, in addition to influencing others, entails consequences personal for health and physical and emotional well-being.

Strategies to stop the afraid of dying

Affirming life is the best way to stop the irrational fear of death. Let’s see what strategies we can follow for this.

1. Awareness of death should help you live

We will all reach the final day, inevitably. But the fear of that day will make everyday hell. What is the meaning, then, of life?

It can use the awareness of death to enjoy life more, to thank it as a gift to be seized and squeezed to the last drop. Death in Western culture has become taboo. We are such a power generation that we think we can even overcome nature to improve something that should not happen. Laziness, the fear of acting and the pettiness that surrounds everything, counteract the need to reflect on our own transience.

The lack of values that breathe in the environment means that we do not reflect on the meaning of our life and that the essential lack of meaning. That we do not reflect on the meaning of our life and that the essential lack of meaning.

Reflecting on our essence is necessary. We have to find what is worthwhile for us, that footprint we want to leave. In some way, our passage through this world has helped someone to have a better life.essence.

2. Look for the triggers of your fear

Often the fear of dying has its origin in some traumatic event. If you find that origin, the death of a loved relative or a pet, or even an event foreign to you but that caused great impact, it will be easier to rationalize what happened.

If you find the cause of your fears, the traumatic feelings it generates will collapse, making it easier to overcome the fear of death.

And if the problem has its cause in not overcoming the death of someone it is important to seek professional help to overcome the stress and domino effect that exerts in daily life.

3. Relax while you think about it

Avoiding thoughts about death does not lead to overcoming the fear of death. On the contrary, it is necessary to remain calm when the thought occurs, because it is not about what we think may happen, but about how we feel about uncertainty.

Learning to relax is vital to try to control those feelings and counteract the burden that fear exerts on us.

“Do not be so afraid of death, but rather of inadequate life.” not be so afraid of death, but rather of inadequate life.”

4. Consider the idea that nature is wise

In many situations where death seems imminent, nature can help. This is what emerges from the testimonies of many people who have been very close to death. The lack of pain or the state of detachment are some consequences that make the certainty of the end easier. During emergencies that threaten life, nature helps.

People close to death describe how they felt prepared. People who are very long-lived or who have been suffering from a serious illness for years feel death as part of the natural cycle of things. Nature has its way of helping us handle things when they present themselves. Why worry before time?

Kendrick Brown

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