Adapting to Caring for Someone who Has Dementia

Dementia is a cruel illness and dealing with it is difficult for both the person who has it and those around them. If you have a family member who has recently been diagnosed with dementia, you may want to take on some of the care yourself.

This is a difficult decision to make, and it is something that you need to think hard about because it is an emotional time.

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People who have dementia will often have personality changes. This is because they can be scared and lacking understanding so they can lash out. Dealing with this can be difficult, so challenging behaviour training like this can be a helpful skill to learn if you are going to be caring for someone who has dementia.

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There are also practical things to consider. If you are going to have the person live with you, then you will need to make changes to your home to make it suitable for them. They are likely to start experiencing mobility issues, so making sure that they can move around safely is important. Hand rails are a good idea, and make sure that there are no mats or carpets that they can trip over.

You may also want to make adaptations to certain facilities such as the bathroom, so they are able to access it. Ramps for access may also be needed around the home, so that they can get in and out safely.

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