Discover how to improve time management properly?

Improve personal productivity, start to manage our lives effectively depends on us, nothing more, nothing less. Change is within oneself, wanting to be a more productive person, involves starting to install in productive software a series of habits and keys, vital, to be better managers of our personal and work life. A series of productive shortcuts tricks to help you on how to improve time management properly. 

How to improve time management

These tricks to help you improve time management do not require learning hours or days, no! No way!! They require two things: will and repetition. I’m not talking about complicated strategies; I’m talking about common sense.

These are 6 tricks to help you improve time management in your day and your life:

Visualize your daily goals

1. Visualize your daily goals

It is a simple and quick exercise, but very powerful. It consists of, first thing in the morning, while you have breakfast, for example, take a look at your day:, put yourself in “bird’s-eye view” mode: key tasks, projects, meetings-meetings … it’s about you starting, about getting ahead to all that and your “I” begin to prepare to face the day.

We could say that it is a warm-up, your “daily trailer.” It will make your route of the day clear. Fixing in advance, better than fixing, visualize that route in advance, will make you much less likely to deviate from it.

Start with a key task

2. Start with a key task

Not all the tasks of the day are the same; it is not the same to organize invoices as to prepare a proposal for an important client. Therefore, some tasks require our special attention, concentration-focus to the maximum and even important energy consumption. How do you say “give everything”?

I am talking about the key tasks, those tasks that are yes or yes, they represent an advance in your day, they are the backbone of your day.

Identify these tasks 2-3 tasks maximum and start the day with them. Yes, watch out, start the day, plan them first thing in the morning. This will undoubtedly help you improve your time management.


3. Close the door to distractions

Very related to the previous trick. All tasks, but especially the key tasks, need to be protected especially, due to their weight, consequences, and results. Protect them from distractions and interruptions. Choose a moment of the day (better first thing in the morning) to execute them: turn off the phone, work in full screen, notify your colleagues (close interruptions), eliminate notifiers. In short, protect them.

advantage of downtime

4. Take advantage of downtime

Dead times are spaces of time that arise unexpectedly throughout the day: we finish a task before, a meeting is postponed, or simply, that meeting ends sooner than expected … identify those times and use them for, in those, 5-10- 15 minutes to make a breakthrough. Review your list of tasks, filter for time and fulminate some task in those corners of the day.

5. The golden minute rule

Stay with this. Record it, give the REC: “Everything you can do in a minute or less than a minute. Do it” Answering a phone call, answering a short email, passing on to colleague documentation that you have requested and that you have on hand … are some examples of tasks that you can perform in the minute of gold.

6. Process the email

You already know how fond I am of email (irony) You also know that it is a black hole for your productivity, for me, and here I have talked about it, it is a mere means of communication. Your work, your day to day, sure, is not answering emails. Process 3 times, 4 times maximum email per day. Here I tell you how.

Kendrick Brown

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