Anxiety and stress in the search for employment, silent suffering

The anxiety and stress in the job search can lead us to the appearance of a major depression. In these cases, cognitive-behavioral therapy is the one that can most help us to give an adequate change to our attitude.

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Conversation techniques for informationAnxiety and stress

Sometimes, even the simple fact of preparing our curriculum causes us anxiety and  Stress in the search for employment is a reality increasingly evident by a very specific fact: often, we fall into states of complete helplessness to see that nobody calls, that there is no response to our requests. The low expectations added to the uncertainty increase the suffering even more.]

When we search for information about stress and anxiety linked to job search, it is common to find information, for example, on how to successfully complete an interview. We do not lack as we know those good tips to deal with the nerves during the selection process. However, there is an aspect that is often left aside, a dimension that is very present in society that is barely mentioned.

We are referring to people with depression or a mood disorder who are unemployed and unable to find a job. A few days ago, in fact, World Mental Health Day was celebrated, and this particular group accustomed to going almost unnoticed was not highlighted or made visible.

Thus, and although it surprises us, there is a fact that we can not ignore. We refer to that shown by studies like the one carried out by  Barbara J.  Jefferis, of the University College London: unemployment and the frustrated search of a job is directly related to major depression.

Often, the first signs of this condition begin to occur when the mere process of filling in our data for a job application, becomes a stressful fact. Let’s see more data below.

Anxiety and stress in the search for employment, a very common realityAnxiety and stress

Suffering some anxiety and stress in the job search is daily. She feels that she has just finished her studies and sees that filling in her curriculum vitae has more weight than training experience. She also suffers who, with more age and more filming, suddenly sees herself in an overwhelming, chaotic and full of uncertainty scenario as is the case when looking for a job.

The high demand and the scarce supply often leads us to stay in eternal waiting rooms where we can wait for an opportunity. As a curiosity, the University of Chicago conducted a study over several years in a sample of 282 people, where they conclude that when it comes to finding a job, the least was ” how much do you know or do you know how to do”, what most significant was “who do you know”.

These kinds of realities often lead us to states of helplessness and despondency. Thus, it is very common that many people, regardless of their age and training, begin to condition any aspect related to job search and that they are going to be a highly stressful focus. The time spent, added to the failures and the phone that does not ring. Fuels the frustration and further intensifies the anxiety and stress.

Indicators associated with stress in the search for employmentAnxiety and stress

Let’s see below what behaviors, thoughts, and situations are what usually characterize people who suffer anxiety and stress in the job search:

Lack of confidence before each job offer read or received.

Feeling that uncertainty is getting more complicated to face, to digest and to endure.

Defer the moment of carrying out the sending of the curricula.

Anxiety and stress when they have to fill out an offer of employment.

Demotivation when participating in a selective process due to previous failures.

Little by little the person begins to doubt their own personal and professional abilities.

Often, the environment is not a facilitator either. The family and friends of the person seeking employment can also project low hopes and negativism to the possibility of finding a job.

How to overcome stress in the job search?Anxiety and stress

We are all competent, we are all valid and deserving not only of a job but of a good job. We could speak without doubt of the need to be creative, instead of looking for a job, offer ourselves our resources and innovative capabilities; to rise like that figure capable of giving something new to the labor market. All of these are undoubtedly excellent ideas but often clash with an obvious reality.

If we are not well psychologically, it is very difficult to give the best of ourselves. Because continued experiences of failure add up to people in a tunnel where light is not always seen. Hence, in these cases magical formulas are not valid: what counts is to receive professional and specialized help.

Thus, cognitive behavioral therapy can allow us not only to reorient internal dialogue but also break pessimism. And alleviate the sensation of failure. It will also lead us to develop better skills to create new behaviors. New behaviors with which to face the labor market with more ideas, encouragement, and strength.

Finally, and added to the psychological help, it will always be appropriate to incorporate these simple but powerful ideas:

Negative thoughts stop opportunities.

We must change the mental attitude.

We must take care of ourselves and take care of ourselves: exercise, reading and good nutrition are essential.

It is also necessary to have good social support, avoiding those people who drown us with their pessimism and defeatism.

Mindfulness is also very suitable to develop a fuller attention, to better manage our emotions.

Last, but not least, to combat stress in job search, it pays to be creative and proactive. Sometimes, the darkest moments give rise to the most luminous ideas and projects.

Jeffrey Wilson

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