How to add personality to your store

So, you have a strong brand identity and a great product line, but something’s missing. Maybe you’re lacking personality? Here are a few simple ways to add personality to your physical or online store.

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What is personality?

Essentially, it is how you bring your vision to life. You likely have a strong idea of how you want to present your brand. However, the challenges are translating that vision into the look and feel of your store and also ensuring you keep a consistent message, whether you have a physical store, online presence or both.


Images can make all the difference to how customers respond to your brand. So, spend some time on product photography. Also, don’t forget about brand photography, such as the background images you use. You don’t need lots of fancy equipment to produce great images, as long as you have a decent digital camera and an idea of how to effectively use natural light. High-quality stock images sourced from one of the established royalty-free agencies, such as Shutterstock, can also work well.

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Social media

The freedom offered by social media gives you the perfect opportunity to affirm your brand. You can share videos, images and other relevant professional content, in addition to using different platforms as marketing tools. Businesses that use social media most effectively are those that have a plan in place, cross-promote posts, and keep a consistent tone or ‘voice’ to keep underlining the brand’s message. It is also important to address negative feedback and comments in a positive way that enhances your reputation.

Creative signage

There are lots of physical stores and online retailers out there all vying for customer attention. One way to make your brand memorable is through your signage. Signage has moved beyond the simple banner ad, chalkboard or pavement A-frame (although these can still work, too). Integrating digital signage, such as that provided by, can offer a distinctive solution for your brand that is interactive and really shows off your personality!

Just as every person has a distinct personality, so too does every business. However, not all businesses are able to communicate their unique personality to their customer base. Make sure you define your business personality in specific terms and spend time thinking about the ways in which you can showcase it most effectively.

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