How to stop tv addiction? 15 Practical steps

If you want to watch less television or overcome your addiction to it, in case you are very hooked, these ideas will serve you. And, after the battery of proposals, you will find more reasons to motivate you to take time away from the TV. In case you need the definitive accolade. Also, keep away your children from mobile. Mobile addiction is dangerous and harmful than TV. Let’s discuss how to stop tv addiction.

How to stop tv addiction?

How to stop tv addiction

Watching a television show is a habit. Devoting to television many hours is a BAD habit, which can be addressed with other small habits, to reduce the excess of time in front of the TV, which is harmful. Of those who follow, choose the little habits that may work in your case.

1. Do not turn on the television when you get home.

2. Choose which programs you will watch.

Make a daily plan, weekly or whatever you think. The advisable thing is that you do not feel in front of the TV to swallow whatever you give today. And be demanding. Since you dedicate a strip of “your life”, that the program in question fulfills its objective well. In case you get bored of the cute, press “OFF”.

3. Turn off the television when your program ends.

4. Say no to so many replacements . It’s good that a movie has enchanted you and you want to see it again. One thing is that and another is to sit without blinking to see Ben-Hur for the twentieth time.

5. Do not use the remote control . So you avoid long and foolish moments of zapping . And, in one of those that you get up to adjust the volume or change the channel, you may be given the wonderful temptation to turn it off.

6. Eat with the television off . You will eat less and better.

7. Change the chair to watch TV for a less comfortable seat. It is enough with one of those in which it is not so probable that you fall asleep.

8. Proposing to finish an activity BEFORE watching TV. For example, read a few paragraphs of a book, fix something at home, etc.

9. Assign a night time to your hobby or another activity that, while relaxing, is enriching (order your photos, tune the car, learn to use applications for the phone, etc.)

10. Play , alone or in company. It is much more stimulating than swallowing television: 5 Reasons to play more.

11. Talk to the world . Relationship Communicate with those who share this little piece of the planet with you. TV does not hug you at night. It was what they told Homer Simpson , the most famous television addict.

12. Go outside. Especially, if you’ve spent the day working between four walls.

13. Reserve a moment of self-homage : Get your hair done, go get a massage, try a home treatment to beautify yourself (even more so). In short, before the TV, are your body, your mind … Your own life!

14. Connect with reality. Look what happens around and get involved. Take part and share in turn all those things that you like to do.

15. Do not surf the zombie online . Changing one screen to another is not the answer. Apply the same ideas to the internet with which you fight excess television.

Do you want additional reasons to watch less television?

watch less television

Watching television several hours a day is not only harmful because you could be doing more to things. Is that the habit of watching TV is linked with others, which are what make it one of the worst. The main one, sedentary lifestyle. If you add to that you often eat more in front of the TV and eat junk food, there’s the fatal cocktail.

Television shortens life

They have not yet printed this warning on television sets, but who knows what will happen over time. I do not know if the figures are inflated. But what to expect if you spend years moving little while you clog the body of slop … Nothing good, right?

The stunned TV

If you do not read and you only want to be told the information on TV, the brain gets used to absorbing information in this way. In a matter of seconds, they present you processed and regurgitated. You have to swallow it. Read, for what? Television gives everything done. It is very comfortable like that.

Voucher. But, with the excess of comfort, you settle into supine mental laziness, while your ability to concentrate, to create or to think on your own is deteriorating. And those capabilities you will need to continue building your own once you press the OFF of the TV remote. Television gives you comfort, but it takes away something of greater value.

You have a lot to gain if you watch TV in moderation

watch TV in moderation

In addition to gaining physical health and mental agility, when you turn off the TV you will have other gains:

1. Time , of course: Several hours a week to play, read, run, socialize, make homemade chapucillas or undertake a personal project much more exciting and enriching than watching TV.

2. Concentration : Reading or having a conversation with TV in the background makes it more likely that you will be distracted. There are activities that are compatible with TV , but they are those that demand little attention.

3. Peace , relax, tranquility. Less consumption of crisp news and ads that insist on how ugly you are, less anxiety and discomfort add to your days.

As an alternative, you could inform yourself via the internet: read the stories that interest you; you go deeper into what you want and, ultimately, you have more control over the information you consume.

More edifying hobbies

edifying hobbies

Watching television is a hobby too passive and sedentary to dedicate many hours. That, if you can call it a hobby. And, in such a case, there are better alternatives to practice at home.

It is worrying that watching television is at the forefront of leisure activities preferred by Spaniards, according to the Center for Sociological Research.

And even more worrisome is the case of children who, on average, dedicate two long hours per day to this activity. Do you enjoy watching TV more than playing, reading, coloring, etc.?

Life is waiting for you

Life is waiting for you

When you watch TV, you like that people are doing things (solving mysteries, telling jokes, singing, slicing necks or kissing the prostate). You would not stay to see an individual who is simply watching TV. What a slumber, with the range of options you have at your fingertips.

In your life, you are the protagonist, the main actor, conductor, alderman, producer, and director. Do things and enjoy them. The ones you choose. If there are those who prefer to stay the dead hours watching others do, it is theirs.

I hope that this article has contributed its bit in your initiative to see less television. It is a good initiative. When the end of life comes, you will not regret that you could not watch more hours of television, but have left behind those other things that you are now in time to do.

Kendrick Brown

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